Sunday, August 30, 2015

Solving for WHY?


Since some of you asked…

I did it I'm in! I just had my first week of college. I’m officially a student, registered at the local community college, in our district, there are 4 campuses.




I’ll make no bones about it; I bombed on the math portion of the test No shock there. I more than figured I would.
I have to take a developmental class and lab-- but only one!
I feel better about that; rather than studying and taking the test over. I want to be sure of myself. So if a math class is necessary, then so be it.  I was about 20 points shy of passing. Blech! I’m just not strong in math.

My head was a little swollen when the testing administrator told me my writing was the highest score he'd seen that day. I laughed on the inside—but the reality of it is plain and simple sadness behind that statement; kids graduate high school everyday and can't read or write, or in my case-- work simple Algebra. I dropped out of high school to marry my Honey. I lacked 1 class in ALGEBRA to graduate from the Summer class of ‘83!

I’ve not lost any sleep over failing high school Algebra.

SOLVING FOR WHY?  Here's the thing... I'm sure I can figure out far more Algebra than I'm aware of; I didn't make it this far in life without solving for x or y !!!

Oddly, I enjoyed the math class, Beginning Algebra.  It’s the English class I’m worried about. All the writing. This instructor asked the class, do we have anyone that likes to write?  A few of us raised our hands, I don’t think she saw mine—kind of a relief really!  Some assignments she wants to be one page journal entries. Y’all know, I’m pretty wordy!  Some assignments she wants 600-800 word essays!  I should probably practice and get the feel of an 800 word essay. 



…NO! she does NOT know I blog.

Both classes started out kind of the same way, go around the room, tell us your name, and something interesting about yourself or what is your major?”"

The young students, not all but some, spouted off what their goal was and their major; honestly, it reminded me of my 2 yr old Vincy, parroting words he’d been taught to say; they answer almost questioning themselves.  Other students knew exactly what their goal was; and you could hear the conviction in their voice.  I answered as honestly as a possible. The feeling I had was, pretty much what I’ve told you here before… it’s as though I were wandering aimlessly through life. I don’t know my major, except what the advisor filled in the blank space at registration; and I don’t know what ‘something’ interesting would be except that I just turned 50 and am returning to school. All I can say is I love learning.

Am I nervous about school?  Yes.  Am I looking forward to going back next week?  You bet!  Do I know WHY I’m there, now, after the first week? 

I just love learning.

‘Til next time, be blessed y’all!

Study to show thyself approved unto God; a worker man who needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth. ~ 2 Timothy 2:15


PS:  in case you were wondering, this blog post BEFORE THE post script is 556 WORDS! Not quite 600 words needed for the bottom line, in an English paper! Aaack!  (with post script 589)  I still need work! So expect even lengthier posts from me!  YAY! – 604


Unknown said...

Good for you! I went back to school after kids started school and then at 50 went back again. It is a great feeling when you walk across that stage and are handed that degree. And, yes, I made my entire family including grandkids go to graduation. Of course, we fed them afterward.

20 North Ora said...

I am so proud of you! I loved going back to college later on in life. I was so serious about my homework and just could not believe so many of those young kids did just what they had to do to pass when they could have learned so much more. I was old enough to be most of their Mothers - heck, if their Grandmothers. LOL

Keep up the good work.


Ann said...

I was never fond of math and I'm pretty sure that when I was in high school I just sort of squeaked by that class. I'm not sure I could handle going back to school now. A few years back I had to go through a health department class and was stressing over the test I had to

A Daughter of the King said...

This was delightful to read. I can relate. I had to take math in summer all through high school and managed to get a degree without a single class in mathematics.

Blessings upon your journey-- even if you don't fully grasp where you are heading :)

BTW...I think the key to the door lies in this statement: " I just love learning"

And to that statement, I would add that you also love writing about what you are learning.

You are a born writer, Patricia. :)

Michelle H said...

I'm so excited for you! I've got a friend, not quite 40, who went back to college after a divorce at 34. She's made the (startling to her) discovery that she is really good at math now. Her life experiences are leading her to a career in counseling, and she's made the decision to go for her doctorate. The 20-something version of her would be stunned, haha! I look forward to seeing what you enjoy and learn!

Diane said...

How official! Good for you!