Monday, September 21, 2015

Late September


If you had the time, I’d invite you to come for a visit, and we could sit outside on my bench, out in the yard. We’d have tea and catch up with each other on all of life’s happenings. 

corninmycoffee-pot 2015

It’s still warm here, only a few days left of summer. I actually took a swim in the pool today. As long as the weather stays nice and warm, and the water is clear and warm then I will continue to do this for exercise. After that, I’ll be popping in the dvd and walking once the weather finally changes.

In the past, I would come to the computer and sit down to work, research cultured food recipes and blood sugar information, or I’d pay bills.  At some point, I’d end up being distracted with blogs.  I’d read and then I’d write,but school is keeping me busy. Now, it seems I’m trapped in some sort of alternate state. I come in here to blog and say hello or visit with all of you… and instead, I find myself logging into my online classes to do practice work or homework.  If I get near the computer to take care of household business—I’m on and off the computer lightening fast! I don’t dilly-dally anymore.

We no longer have lots of LITTLES running around the place.  They’ve all gone to school,too. I keep thinking how fun it would be for Haiden (3 yrs) and Vincey (2 yrs) to play together and having both the twin cousins here… 4 boys here, would be fun! You know me, I love having them here.

haiden was here

Oh yes, Monday through Friday we have HAIDEN.  You may remember Haiden. He once painted my kitchen floor white, a happy accident.  I had to come behind him and spread it around evenly. He’s 3 now. We are getting to see him more and more; I’ve become quite close with this little boy.  He is the image of his daddy, our oldest son. We also have Liam here about 3 days a week. He is the youngest of the twin cousins, and they are 7 months old now; both are crawling!

Vincey and Bash are at home with mommy now. I miss them,so we try to make a point to see them during the week if we can, or on Saturdays.

Today, I saw my first sono images of our next grandbaby. He (or she) will be here in February 2016. My DIL is having a gender reveal thingy.  I’m not big on finding out before they’re born, but this will be fun! It’s an exciting time right now.

Things are changing here.  I’m getting into a different sort of groove. I’m finding a balance with my health, with my home life, my family and school.  The schedule is flexible.  I’m in a comfortable place at the moment. 

Late September.

‘Til next time-

Grace and Peace


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

How exciting for you and just after Christmas when things are still cold and nothing is going on, you will have a new grandbaby!!

Kristina said...

That's wonderful that you are in a good spot right now. Sounds like everything is going good.

camp and cottage living said...

Sounds like your happy, Pat. Life is ever changing and I'm glad it's all good for you! Other than missing the other grands.

Connie said...

I'm delighted that things are going so well . . . balance is a good thing :)
Congratulations on the new grand-baby :)

Ann Thompson said...

a new grandchild, how fun. I don't have any yet and both my son and daughter are more than old enough.
Sounds like everything is coming up roses these days. Glad to hear it.

Melanie said...

Balance is good, I am still working on that one. Congratulations on the new grand! February will be here before you know it!
Thank you for your kind words, you inspire me!

Claudia said...

You sound happy and in very good spirits, my friend!