Monday, December 28, 2015

Frugal Fodder- Last Bit of Thrifting 2015


I really like my pyrex dishes—these two dishes I inherited from my mom’s house when we packed it and sold it in 2006.  At one time, I had a total of one lid…between them. But accidents happen, and I’m always on the look out for replacements, which are not generally cheap.


I found three lids on the same day… 50% off… I got them for $3 bucks!  I was tickled.

Until I got home and realized the small loaf pan I had is missing! So now I have an extra lid… with no dish.  It has a decorative top… so I could use it for a cracker and cheese platter if I wanted!



The next item I bought was a want… this mint green rooster.  It’s a planter. It has a stamp on the bottom of it…but the glaze has filled it in so much that I can’t see the maker.


No matter really.  I got it for the subject matter and color, can you tell?

The last picture shows two small crochet hooks for doily or lace making.  I’ve not done it years… we’ll see if my eyes and hands are up for it.


I almost never see crochet hooks at yard sales, thrift stores or flea markets; so when I do, I grab them up. The knitting needles are because I began teaching myself to knit a few years back and thought I might pick it up again…and give it another try. 

Circular knitting is something I’d like to try… since I pretty much mastered the dish cloth! Ha ha! I may have to look at Craftsy and see if there are any easy hat patterns on there. Do you use Craftsy?  I did.  Haven’t been doing many crafts so I took the app off my phone. I’ll re-install it and check them out. Anyway, it was fifty cents…  I haven’t lost much if I don’t pick them up for a while.


‘Til next time, be blessed.



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Ann said...

thrifting is always fun especially when you find little treasures. I never could get the hang of knitting but I did teach myself to crochet years ago. The only kind of knitting I can do is the loom knitting. I bought a set of the looms a few years ago and was using them a lot, now they sit neglected like so many other crafty tools I've

A Daughter of the King said...

I hope you find the loaf pan!

Shug said...

Hey there.....I know I've been missing a lot of good post, but hopefully I'm back.
Lots of good finds you have here. Hope your family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season...

Rhonda said...

Hello, good finds! I like my vintage Pyrex and I have broken more pieces than I care to remember :(

Hope your area is OK in this bad weather. We are fine but parts of our state are struggling.

Happy 2016 to you!

Connie said...

Great finds . . . love your rooster collection and well, old Pyrex dishes are the best. Great for leftovers, since they will go right into the oven or the microwave. I kind of hate plastic :(
Hope you are enjoying your winter break and Happy New Year!
Connie :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I hope you find your dish. We've been cleaning up the house like crazy, going through the basement, cabinets, etc. This is what you do when you are stuck at home during the holidays due to flooding! We are getting a lot done. Have a wonderful New Year! We will celebrate with family and neighbors that are in our area but it will be pot luck since none of us can get to a store to get party items! They say that the Dollar General (our only store) has bare shelves unless you want Christmas decorations.

Laura said...

You did great!
I love thrifting so much. It's one of life's great pleasures.

Happy New Year!!