Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Intentional Summer Planning-


I’ve been hopping around reading and catching up on my blog reading--

I sent an email to my friend Gail (Hi Gail!) and told her how I missed blogging and the camaraderie! I miss gardening and crafting and projects--- and I mentioned how I hoped to dabble in all of it over the summer break.

She said, “ I hope you plan your summer… don’t let it just come and go, then regret not having fun and doing what you want when fall arrives.

Well, … I have considered these words since I received that email reply… and I love her message back to me and appreciate her words so much! 

I’ve given it thought and really, I think her words apply to all of life, NOT just the coming summer months. I think it’s so important these days to live INTENTIONALLY! Not wasting any time and remembering that even time spent resting, considering scripture and the LORD and his Word is time well spent!

At the moment—nothing is set in stone, except the first day of school, come Fall.


Meaning: I have no plans.

I do have a few ideas though. On the top of the list:

Reading. Years ago, I read for leisure. Why did I stop doing that? I hardly picked up a book to read… ok, that’s not exactly true. I read many non-fiction type books. I enjoy reading analytical type stuff. Seriously, I can stand in the canned good isle at the grocer and read ingredients list, become so absorbed in it and lose complete track of time!


What I’m talking about is literature—fictional stories (and true!), the kind that move you to another place and another time; mostly, I’m talking about filling in some gaps with classical pieces of literature that slipped by me in my younger years and I want to read them. Some more current books I want to read that also were missed.

Crafts:I also have some crafting that I want to get done.  Some crocheting and sewing. If time allows—I might work on my dollhouse. I have some projects to finish up there and it’s been on the back burner for a long time now.


Whoa! the list of ideas is never-ending there. First and foremost (once the rains let up) Painting the house. We started it a couple of years ago (hangs head) and really need to finish it.

Gardening is out, in the way of planting and cultivating. But there are some areas that need tending and cleaning. We’ll probably get to some of that.

Anyway, I’m taking Gail’s advice and planning the summer months…but not over planning. I hope to do just enough to be satisfied and rested when school starts! Thanks Gail! Winking smile (*edited to say:  Speaking of Gail… if you like listening to POD casts and you like repurposing and DIY tips then you’ll love listening to her on the new Pod Casts she is doing… DIY with MRL.  Follow the link here and her pod cast is linking at the bottom of that post!)

For now, the last few weeks of May… are casual and I’m easing into Summer.

Oh! and I plan on blogging some of it… so come back and see me!


‘Til then, be blessed!




Rhonda said...

Hi Pat,
That was some good advice, good for all of us!
I know some of our summer will be spent catching up on house jobs that fell by the way while we've been so busy with our grands and parents.
We'll both be welcoming new grands this summer :)
Have a good school break

A Daughter of the King said...

I hope you plan to write about your summer too! I am not a planner. That is one of the things I admire about you. May God bless your plans.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

If these rains stop we can start getting more done outside, right now I feel I should put little life jackets around my pepper plants! I love reading too. I used to set up a chaise lounger with a pretty cushion on our covered top porch, set a table with a cool drink next to it and read and read on a hot summer day. I hope you make the time too,

My Repurposed Life said...

awww, thanks so much for the shout outs Patricia. Even as I wrote those words to you, I was amazed because I don't really write thought provoking comments. :) I just wanted to make sure that you enjoy your summer!!!

Also, thanks for the shout out about my new podcast, I so appreciate you listening!

lastly, I LOVE your handwriting.... I know, it's so random, but my handwriting is awful. I like your cursive AND your printing.

again, enjoy your summer!!!!