Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun with ICADs 2016


ICADs officially started June 1—it runs through July 31 for a total of 61 days… I thought I’d be posting here regularly…but so far ---nada!

I’ll try not to post too many ICAD posts back to back… I do have a life, there is much to tell you and talk about so far this summer.  There are things that have happened and things in the works… and always, ALWAYS things on the horizon.

Enough chit-chat… here is week one  With the THEME listed.

1. COVER PAGE—NOT REQUIRED. I copied this idea from others. image


2. Mixed Tape—Honestly, it looks like it has been hidden in the glove box of a car, does it not? image

3. PYRAMID; attempting MIXED MEDIA… It’s just beginners luck this card turned out as nice as it did!



4. SNOOPY. I had fun with this one.


5. TYPEWRITER.  If you look at this card and are wondering ‘what the heck?’… I’m just saying… IT’S ART BABY!


6. CLOUDS.  - and a poem by Christina Rosetti ( I have a life…so days there just isn’t enough time to make every card a work of art… * see no. 5 image

7. LIST 10 THINGS. -  if you follow my INSTAGRAM…I might have called this my pity-party card. Really, it was an eye opener for me. Future post coming soon. image

8. PINBALL or BOWLING. Guess which one I went with?!  ha! image


That’s it for week one. I’ve hashtagged my pictures on Instagram #year2icadian – it’s just a label it’s not who I’ve become. {smile}

Keeping it short.  Thanks for looking!


Oh…I’d also like to take a minute to say Happy Birthday to this guy~


Our youngest son and New dad…  look at her looking at him!  She loves him so much!


Happy Birthday Lunden!  I can’t believe he’s 27!!!!

‘Til Next Time be blessed!





Diane said...

Great job on the cards! I LOVE the Snoopy one. "Bowling" is clever too-- they're all clever! And, yes, not every day offers time for ICAD. Just grab it when you can! Lovely family photos too!

Ann said...

Enjoyed your card. My favorite is the snoopy. Happy Birthday to your son

Kris said...

I have seen all of your cute art on IG. Love it.
Happy Birthday to your son. My son is 27 as well.
: ) Kris