About Me

I am a wife, mother, Oma and home school veteran. I am sharing my thoughts and ideas -- groping as it were to find who I am in Christ, now-With my Honey, in this 'empty nest' we call home.

This is a list of things that bring me much joy!

  • A Cozy Fire on a Winter's Night.
  • Amateur Bird Watching
  • Biblical Womanhood
  • Creating a Loving Home
  • Crocheting
  • Decorating
  • Drag Racing- Vroom!
  • Frugal Lifestyle
  • Family and Friends
  • Gardening
  • God's Word
  • Grandkids
  • My Hubby
  • Homemaking
  • My Sons and Daughters
  • My Sons and Daughters spouses
  • Re-purposing;Re-constructing; Re-using
  • Stretching my Husband's Income!
  • The sound of distant of thunder
  • The sounds the Coyotes make at night ...
  • The smell of a wood burning stove
  • Traveling
  • Wood-working
This is a random list of things I may or may not have done in my lifetime
I've been to 3 Countries in North America
I've been to the Gulf of Mexico twice
I've been white water rafting on the Guadalupe River 
I've been to the Ozark Mountains and find they are the most beautiful place on earth to me. 
I've been to the top of the Sears Towers in Chicago. 
I took my first steps in Missouri--  I was 1 year old. I don't remember it.
I've never lived outside of  Texas.
I've assisted delivering a calf. 
I've eaten wild smoked javelina. 
I've eaten Gator.
I don't like to fish.
I've picked wild blackberries, peaches, plums, and figs and made jam or jelly out of them. (I've eaten figs straight off the tree.)  
I've held a person's hand while they died.
I've been bereft at the loss of a grandchild, parent, grand parents and parent in laws. 
I don't like to fly, but I do like amusement park rides.
I've witnessed the same shooting star as someone else while on the phone with them - two hours away. 
I've saluted the flag at a ceremonial flag burning for retired US Flags. 
My favorite flavor is Grape; grape kool-aid, grape sucker, grape sweet tart, grape Popsicle, grape bubblicious! 
I like to play SKiP-Bo. I like to play Chess-- though am not great at it. I aspire to be better.
I've given birth to 4 children and I've taught 5 kids how to read. (1 was a nephew) 
I've dissected a bird and a snake.  I've dissected a snake with a 2 birds inside. 
I've had a pet Python in my house and I've seen it catch and eat its dinner. 
I've only met one movie star in my life- (tv actress- Charlene Tilton) 
and I've touched a Rock Star on the knee... (i'll never tell) 
I like to read.  
I like to write poetry particularly Limericks.
I've only married once and I've been married 27 years. (@ the time of this writing)

I fully believe that while these are all way cool... that none of them compares to the fact 
that I've looked in the mirror and seen a guilty sinner worthy of death- and having no hope
took hold of the hand of God that offered Grace to me and He redeemed me.  By His Grace and His mercy He has made this life that I live so meaningful. He alone is Worthy to be Praised!!  

If you have a testimony to share please feel free to do so whether here in the comments or you may email me.
I would love to hear your testimony. 

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 

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My List- (participated in the 2011 Giving Thanks Challenge)

30~Grand Kids; healthy, active and strong!
29~Good Friends--
28~God's Grace abounds more than MY Sin!
27~The Husband's good health and continued Healing
26~Fall Harvest
25~A Chance to be Spontaneous ;)
24~Celebrating and Recognizing The One from Whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!
23~My health
22~A Renewed Spirit
21~ The Fall Rainy season in TEXAS
20~Freedom to Worship One True God
19~Casual Days--
18~Courage to admit when I'm wrong
17~Rural Living
16~Patience and Understanding
15~Joy in Creativity!
14~Dirty Dishes (Proof of God's Provision)
13~God's Work of Belief
12~ The Husband (a.k.a-Honey)
10~ Fresh Eggs!
8~God's Faithfulness
7~ Rest
6~ Family =D
5~ Our Home- Together!
4~ A Teachable Spirit
3~ An Attitude of Thankfulness
2~ ~ Was thankful- but didn't sign up
1~ yet for the link! {smile}