Friday, January 15, 2010

Fakin Like it...

"Fakin' Like it." That is the term my children would use when they were small for 'make-believe' or pretend. Fakin' like it.

"Hey, Fake like ...your the baby and I'm the momma. And I said eat your vegetables...and you fake like you're cryin.


"Hey, fake like we're on the bus and I'm driving all crazy (but you make the porch swing go all wonky)... and then.... You run and jump on it with me."

Fakin' like it. The stuff kids dreams are made of...

That is what my post is this week for

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Fake Like I bought this online at Target. But not really, cause it is made with different picture. AND! it didn't cost $40. plus S/H charges.

This is about $40 bucks.

I made this for... Free! Yes, the sheet is part of set bought and given to me, the plywood is scrap from the shed. Paint left over... from the A moire makeover.

No Fakin'!

I have no idea where exactly I'm gonna hang these. But, it will probably be in a spare bedroom. I'll keep you posted.

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Prior said...

Love it! So glad we never have to quit playing! My mom, Opal, scupted hand-made dolls from sculpy, but her first ones were from bread dough. She called them "well-bread" people!