Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, ever since I saw Jan's Library shelves at bobbypins boardwalk... I've been envisioning something similar for myself. I've always thought of having a 'library' with all the bookshelves that I have around my home, but never thought that RTA (ready to assemble) shelves could looks so beautiful!

This was going to take some finagling; ESPECIALLY since my shelves were bought second hand and they varied in height, depth, and width. Every time I ever tried to sketch it out on paper... i just didn't flow for the space that I have. I envisioned a MONSTROUS MESS! FRANKENSHELF!

Well today, I got to work moving them into position and once my newly retired hubby saw me getting busy...well, he wanted to help. Boy! am I glad he did; because he had no sooner suggested something and I ran with it. That'll teach him. (snicker)

Below are my photos of all the finagling-- in the middle of the process. Please pay no attention to the books and junk stacked everywhere- What else do you do with the contents of bookshelves you are shuffling around to make BEAUTIFUL?

Smallest of 4 bookshelves. Emptied and awaiting new home.
Mid-sized book shelf already in place and the white shelf is the tallest of the 4.

Here you can see the thought process. I was going to put the smallest in that blank spot to the right of the TALL white shelf... That is when Honey mentioned the last of the 4 shelves in another room... 'all I have to do is cut it so that it will be narrower and it will fit in that space. Then you can put the small on top of mid-sized shelf... and vio`la! all 4 shelves will fit."
"REEEEEALLY? I say... what about this shelf will be TOO TALL STACKED LIKE THAT. "
"Cut it off. "And he did!
I don't have pictures of him cutting the last shelf to make it narrow... but he took it apart and cut each board down by 2 inches (approx.) and then re-assembled it. This photo is him placing the chopped off top from the little bitty cabinet on top of the newly narrowed one... Do you follow?

Cause it is confusing I tell ya...

I told you it was aMONSTROUS MESS!
oK... NOW THE chopped part is on top of the newly narrowed part AND!....
Now they aren't anywhere near finished... and I do want to show the finished part... so I've got to trim them out and paint them. Once finished they will be superb! No one will be the wiser...Well except all of you -- my faithful readers.

So tell me what do you think so far? Honey and I come up with some doozies for passing the time don't we?

I'm posting this at ASPTL and it never fails... I'm always late...
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Andrea said...

What an ingenious way to use what you've got to get what you want! They are gonna look spectacular when complete!

Prior said...

I love bookshelves... Can't wait to yours all done up! Lezlee

nannykim / spindlecottage said...

Very clever idea. Hope you will give me a nudge when you get it all complete; I really want to see the end product!

Gail said...

Way to go! I can just invision it now. It's going to look awesome. Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment. Hope to see you again soon!

Have a wonderful weekend. said...

great job! Everyone needs great looking storage!

Destination Seaborn said...

Pretty ingenious! You're my kind of gal to use what you have! Kudos to your husband for helping out! Once it's trimmed up and painted out, we'll be none the wiser to the ugly truth:) Thanks for following along my blog. Have a great week! Lisa