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Workspace Reveal - repost

My Workspace REVEAL- before and after

Funky Junk's Workshop Series

Finally, I can get all my pictures up- the room is done.

In the beginning... this room was added onto the house after it was moved to this property in 1959-- that is when they added the one and only bathroom ...

NO...WAIT. That is too far back...

In a Galaxy far, far away... No... Too High-Tech....

Well, recently... How is that?

Yeah, recently I met Donna- (Funky Junk Interiors) She is a mover and a shaker. She inspired me to get my workspace lined out. So I can be more productive in 'GETTING MY RECENTLY ACQUIRED EMPTY NEST-- pulled together' . I decided I'd play along, because it was time. The kids are gone, DISORGANIZATION WAS MOUNTING and Space is a premium in my home now; I should BE CONQUERING IT and making what has always been mine (and the hubby's) reflect US!
I needed a place to work, while pulling all the other spaces together.

So-- Donna said, "choose a space"

I did. I call it the Utility Room. It is the space right between the kitchen and the back door and squarely planted between the bathroom and my bedroom. 
I do laundry there

blog there
I walk precariously through this room in the night between bed and potty

(Oh, the dangers!) 
I did it and I'm glad I did. I am especially glad to have followed other sister bloggers through the workshop series who weren't afraid to show their CONQUESTS TOO. IT'S BEEN FUN!

There are lot of pictures-- hope you can last through IT!
So here are a few before and after shots.

This is looking from my bedroom to my computer area.

This is looking into the utility room from the kitchen

At the computer area (BEFORE ) ....... OUT MY WINDOWS! (AFTER)

This is looking from the kitchen to the laundry area.

The mess, who could do laundry here? (BEFORE) .........Just needed a little cleaning up really. (AFTER)

My homemade laundry soap. A clean surface for folding. Baskets for storage.

I don't mind walking into this room now! .........................Canning supplies above the washer /dryer.

This is the view from the washer looking back to my bedroom. Yes! see I told you it was dangerous. NOW, with a clean area for work. A chalkboard for notes. No Longer a mountain of clutter.


Remember the closet?

Here it is mid-way through the workshop project. Here is the inside. We added shelves to the wall for tools and such. Notice the "fancy" extension cord wrap? Yep! I taught my hubby something in all this. I don't know if he was as impressed with it until I mentioned that it doesn't get tangled. Then he was wanting to learn himself. 

We used nails for hanging things like a LEVEL and T-Square. I have shelf for all my paints.

Below are a few things I'm showing just because they are repurposed.

One is the Anti-freeze bottle (washed out of course) The side has been cut away and it is used as a tray sort of, to hold odd and end tools and scrap bits and pieces; for who knows what? But simple enough. Keep a little plastic out of the landfill.

The other thing I repurposed was these ceiling fan blade brackets. I found these blades with the wooden paddles still attached amongst the clutter. I took them off and thought what would Donna do with these?

So... I literally pulled this idea out of my hat! I mounted two over the window for our straw hats (the Texas sun really beats down in the summer) and the other two I mounted over the chalkboard to hold some extra long pieces of board/battens - I hung them crooked. But hey they work!

This is between the chalkboard and the kitchen door. I needed an easy access place for gloves. Gloves are important around the ol' place. Gotta keep 'em HANDY!

Lastly, this is the door to the only bathroom in our little ol' farm house. It is to the right of the washer/dryer and to the right if coming from the kitchen. Today, I prettied it up with a tassel! I was inspired by Kolein at Kitchen table productions to make one. And for the occasion of DONNA'S first Workshop Series coming to an end. I made the tassel FUNKY JUNKY! Complete with jute twine, rusty washer, old lace and an old screen door latch/spring.

My hubby thought it was a tarantula!

This is the picture I see when I look out my newly UNCOVERED WINDOWS! Beautiful mini-daffodils.
Right out my uncluttered window.

I love my new workspace.
I've used it already, I hope to post those pictures soon of the project I completed.


Thanks for sticking it out with me to the end.
Now Off to post this before this evenings deadline!

* edited to add the link for Kolein kitchen table productions

great job! so happy you have a "new" space to be creative! My space is my garage, I would have loved to have gotten in on this challenge, but alas it has too cold and snowy! My work space will have to wait till Spring. I love the repurposed things (of course). That tassel is too darn cute! gail
Pamela said...
I LOVE that tassel. It made me chuckle. And I know you'll enjoy that window, all the light and the view. I envy you those daffodils, it will be another 4-6 weeks before I get to see those here in NC, but they are breaking the ground so I live in hope.
Funky Junk Interiors said...
My hubby thought it was a tarantula! Oh my word I LAUGHED!!! My son had to come and see what was WRONG with me. Ok now that I've caught my breath, I am so PROUD of you! You rocked and rolled this one, girl. Your workspace reminds me of a cottage with all the wooded features. How sweet and unique! The repurposing of the bottles and fan mounts, oh my gosh. That's so cool. I also laughed when you said you hung them crooked. Crooked is my middle name. ;) Amazing how you found natural daylight in your space! I'm betting exposing that wonderful window alone created a whole new feeling for you. Cord wrapping... you GO! *sniff*.. I see my students progressing ahead into this tough 'ol world. One day they won't need me and it'll be ok.. *sniffle* Stunning before and after imo. You have done yourself proud! Enjoy your new area and thanks for your participation and hard work in this what seemed like a neverending workshop series. We can now PLAY! :) FJ Donna
Linda said...
Hi-thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments! I have enjoyed reading yours, too- I found this post very inspiring as my workspace and laundry room are in a state of, shall we say, disrepair... We recently needed to make my workroom back into a bedroom, so my stuff is kind of... wherever! I am inspired to get things back in order- thanks! I look forward to reading more!
Kolein said...
You are amazing! That space has been transformed! The "tarantula" remark cracked me up!!! And the doors!!!! How 'bout those doors!!!! I remember them from your first post about this spot! And you have a window that you can see out of!!! I'm jealous! I bet Donna was touched that you took some junk and did something useful with it! And the tassel??? Oh my. Be still my heart. I think my husband called the one hanging in our room a bat! Truly we are all inspired by each other! Thank you!!!
Jan @ bobbypinsboardwalk said...
You've done a wonderful job. I, too, loved the tarantula response. I also loved the way you re-purposed the fan blade hardware and used the anti-freeze jug to hold things. WOW -- you did a LOT of work and it looks great. You'll have a wonderful spot to get all kinds of things done now. But you are right -- the trick is keeping it that way. I've rearranged my work area so many times. When I start making something, I just throw anything anywhere, and then wonder why it's always so cluttered (in fact, there's a very colorful ottoman thrown in there now --haha)
Holly said...
Thank you for stopping by 504 Main. I am impressed with your [project! It is very my own workspace is a mish-mash of areas around the has to keep moving to keep the 2 year old away from it. BUT I am working on it. Thank you for sharing your unique ideas and your transformation. Holly 504 Main
Coleen's Corner said...
You go girl! You've been busy, and very clever too! I'm lovin' that spider tassel and that green above your window and on the door frame? Perfect! I'm thinking about redoing an old dresser in a similar shade... it was my Great-Grandmother's favorite color. Keep up the good work!
Proper Prim said...
Sorry I am late with this... you totally transformed that space, who would know it was the same room... it looks awesome... I am loving your idea with the fan brackets, I just added them to my list of hardware to lookout for... good thinking outside the box on that one... loving your space and I hope it inspires you to do some wonderful things in there. Hugs, Deb
Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...
Wow--you worked hard and it is looking great! Love the fan brackets--way to repurpose.


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