Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gettin' Busy...

We've had some great weather over the past week. I've been taking advantage of it too ---So has Honey you'll see his adventure in a minute.

So, our youngest grand-daughter will be 1 year old on the 31st of this month (I almost got my birthday baby with this one)

We are taking a new approach to gift giving- especially now that Honey is retired. I've always liked to be creative and make gifts- but finally now he is on board with it. It helps if he likes what I create.

This is it-- I made her a bathrobe from a towel. I bought them at Dollar General for $4.00 for two towels.

Isn't it cute? I cut the towel and sewed the sleeves. And then I crocheted a ruffle around the opening in the front and the collar.

I also made a matching washcloth and she'll be getting the extra towel too. A little girl needs her own towel and cloth -- ESPECIALLY if it matches her new robe!

Ok... on to Honey's adventure... (yes, these are fish in my tub)
The weather has been so nice he decided to go fish in our neighbor's pond (they don't mind). It has been years since he has fished, but being retired --I guess he thought he'd re-kindle the art.

So off he went.

Now over the years it seems like our boys have misplaced some of Dad's much needed equipment- Never mentioned it. Moved out. Started their own lives. -- if you don't know what a stringer is, well it is a string that you run through the fishes mouth and gills so you can toss them back into the pond...while the other end is poked into the ground with a shank... let's the fish live while you continue to fish...

Well... he got over there and caught the fish -- no stringer. So he hiked all the way home and put it in the tub-- went back and caught another! Ha! I said that is ENOUGH! Clean these fish and we'll eat 'em. Just get them out of my bath tub...
The next day we went to the store and bought some fishing tackle. (smile)

Here is the catch of the day--- all battered and fried just the way Honey likes it (after all he went to so much trouble!) with macaroni and cheese and corn on the side. This is actually my plate- I love tartar sauce!
And... I like Parmesan cheese on my corn cob--- yummie!

Ok... onto more crafty parts of my week.
I had this piece of trim(crown molding) and some hooks. It was white, I spray painted it with flat black EL CHEAPO (dollar store) paint.
I then stenciled 'towels' on it and finished it off with
'fired-steal' semi-gloss glaze. Gives it a nice matte finish.

Add hooks! and VOI`LA!
I made this for my youngest daughter for her spare bathroom. She loved it.

Alright... have you ever seen one of these?

Down here ...they are everywhere especially when my kiddos were young. This one was theirs.
It is a tire swing, only the tire is fashioned to look like a horse.

He is a little tattered and needs a new mane and tail. He also needs a new rope to be hung up in the tree- not to mention a good scrubbing.

Well, we found him out behind the barn and are going to clean him up really nice for the GRANDS! They'll love him.

While taking pictures of the horse I noticed the last of the daffodils... they are starting to fade now. This set is out back they have bloomed a long time- I first showed them to you out my back window in my utility room after the workshop series at Donna's funky junk interiors... That was a while back.
I mentioned that we found the horse behind the barn - that is not all.

Here are a few pictures of the peach blossoms on the trees behind the barn.
I hope this year we actually get peaches we can eat.

Aren't the blossoms beautiful?

We have about 4 trees back behind the barn. They have been ravaged by ants and weather and a terrible pruning over the years. But most years they give us enough peaches to make a few quarts or so of jam.

That's it.
My week in a nutshell. I hope to get some other projects done around the house and get them posted before the week is out. We'll see.

Thanks for reading.


Sandy said...

Boy you have been BUSY as a bee! Your little towel robe with the crocheted border is so cute! The fish dinner looks delicious and I have never seen a horse tire swing before. How clever is that - and so TEXAN!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Ⓙaη @ ฿◎ßßƴ℘ḯη❝﹩ ℬ◎aґdẘαʟк ツ said...

You and hubby have had a very eventful week thus far. Boy -- I'm envious of the fishing. I wish I lived nearby. I absolutely love to fish, but my husband doesn't care too much for it. I can't go alone because I don't like taking the fish off the hook or putting the worm on the hook once the fish eat it.

Coleen's Corner said...

My goodness you've been busy! The robe and accessories are just the cat's meow! That little girl is going to treasure your creation forever. Great job on that towel bar too - it really turned out nice! I can hardly wait for painting weather here.

Kolein said...

Pat! The bathrobe set is adorable! I was thinking, "wow, Pat is talented" and then I kept reading....the towel hook is amazing! If it was for sale I would have bought it. No, seriously, I would have. I have Pay Pal.

Love the horse swing. Over these parts, NY, there isn't a one of them anywhere. I'd bet a silver dollar on it. We use just the tire. My boys would love a *real* horse. They keep begging us for a horse. Oy Vay!

Funny fish story. And I haven't had breakfast mouth began salivating when I got to the plate of food. I want fish now. Parm on your corn cob??? Hmmm. Gotta try that!

Prior said...

Enjoyed this post, so Texan, I bet the northerners will enjoy it, too. Maybe y'all should make up some of them there tire swings and head to New York City! seriously, they would love them, for sure. That fish looked awesome and I love the birthday goodies you made. Great post... Lezlee