Saturday, March 20, 2010

NOT for the Selectively Squeamish-

Today was the first day of spring...  it was in the lower 40's it was terribly windy, 
and wet, and cloudy and cold. 
Last night it rained most of the night with blustery winds. 

Knowing this was coming...
 I hesitated to clear out the left over firewood and get the wood stove cleaned for next FALL. 
Which is a good thing- because today- we needed a fire to take the chill out of the house! 

 What I am about to show you is the method I use to make fire starters for our Wood Burning Stove. 
There are lots of products marketed out there that sell for a pretty penny. 
And! they work pretty well at starting a fire. 
Now out there somewhere there is a product called *JAVA LOGS - 

These are logs made from coffee grounds and who knows what else
and they are used to start a fire. 

What is about to follow is the process I use to make COFFEE - LOGS (more like sticks) and they work just as well - they are leftover from my own coffee pot and so the cost is relatively nothing (seeing how I've already paid for and used the coffee and filters for the intended purpose- and would otherwise toss these, since I don't have a compost bin)   *edit:  since originally posting this, we do compost during the spring and summer months. Coffee grounds are great for the garden, etc. But once it starts cooling off, we save our filters.

This is melted wax in a coffee can - melting it on the pilot light - on my cook stove. 
I purchase used candles at garage sales, thrift stores, flea-markets, and they are given to me at times. 
They usually aren't attractive or the wick is lost somewhere in the candle 
Making it virtually impossible to keep it lit. 

This is dryer lint.  
'NUFF said. 

This is a picture of several coffee filters drying on the griddle of my stove- takes a few days for one to dry completely. (OR A FEW HOURS IF YOU LAY IT CLOSER TO THE WOOD STOVE WITH THE FIRE IS BURNING.) :)  That white stuff is melted wax poured on and then (sorry I didn't get a picture of this step) you place a piece of dryer lint inside. 

Fold it over like a taco. 

Fold the ends over like you're making a burrito. 

Then begin to roll it up until it is closed . 

Once you get to the edge you pour a little more wax 
on the edge and seal it like an envelope. 

Here are Six Coffee logs ready to make a fire. 

Now since it is Officially Spring and I didn't make enough of these last year to last the winter months
I decided to store these differently. 
I had to throw some out last year 
they molded. 
I know gross right? 

Well, this year. 
I am freezing them. 
This is a picture of a wax bag from a box of cereal. 
Again- I recycled here. 
(not bragging- just stating the facts, ma'am) 

I put the coffee logs inside rolled it up 
and put a rubber band around it. 

As I continue to make them through out the year 
I can add to the bag. 

Now this won't be as easy 
because I line dry our clothes 
(when ever possible) 
and dryer lint won't be as plentiful. 
I have daughters that have central heat and a/c 
and won't be needing their dryer lint for anything but the garbage, 
(and they know how there mom is about saving a penny)
So-- they'll be saving their lint for me ! 
**people will give you their dryer lint. Just ask. 

That's it. 

It is just a frugal tip- 
No glitz, (except for the reflective aluminum foil in some of the photos) 
No glamor-( my finger nails aren't even painted) 
No need to thank me. Really. 
It's just an idea I had and thought I'd share it. 

It was truly gross- 
and to some the thought of freezing my garbage in until the next cold snap
may sound a little bit nuts! 


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SweetMelissa said...

Hey, these would work good for the campfires this summer too. I've heard of some made with dryer lint and melted wax, and also sawdust, poured into paper cupcake liners.

Pat Harris said...

You are amazing! This is such a great idea, the whole world needs to know. I have tossed so many coffee grounds, used candles, dryer lint. Wow. Hey, can this be used in a fireplace instead of a stove? Did you link this to all the link parties? You should. This is the idea of the decade!! lol

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Q & A:

yes! they work in a fireplace, my son used one to start the smoker at Thanksgiving = He smoked his first turkey.
And for campfires too!

I've told my church family this idea and we have several that heat with wood in the home and several Hunters - they all use them.

We also do a live nativity at christmas and have several *camp*fires going in different scenes- they use these to start those fires too.

I like these because they are easy to make and like I said-- virtually free (especially when the candles are given to me.)

I may just link this to a party or two.
Thanks for reading and not running away screaming after this post.

It was hard to hit the PUBLISH button on this one. It borders on GROSS!
But whatever works, huh?

Coleen's Corner said...

Are you going for the Frugalist of the Year Award? You should! Awesomeness. And sorry about the snow. I'm sure I sent it down there with all my crabbing about it up here. Sorry.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Is there an award for that?
Maybe I could win!
I never win anything.

and the snow... well it is all melted now!
so no worries.

Kolein said...

OK, Pat. What?

Does the aroma of coffee permeate your home? I hope so. I'd use the grounds from my hazelnut coffee, if so.

I won't be making these. I have a weak stomach. Well, looking at them gives me a weak stomach. You did warn me. However, I'm so impressed that I agree with the other Colleen up there....FOTYA! Most definitely. And just so you know, I never win anything either. Until I started blogging! Love ya!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...


No unfortunately they don't have the coffee aroma

I wish!

But... when I'm starting a fire, it just smells of smoke! ha! go figure.

Thank you for all the votes of confidence-

I accept my award on behalf of frugal people EVERYWHERE!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

OH, just so everybody knows... the worst part about this whole process is the DRYING TIME!

I usually have to use a cookie sheet and move them to the utility room or something. Cause I get so many and ...well, you know how it is in the kitchen.

Kim said...

Very clever idea! We have a wood stove at the house in Sta. Rosa and I love the idea of homemade fire starters (haven't seen any kind of fire starters in stores here). We just recently got a coffee maker and just this week finally remembered to get filters (I was using paper towels instead). The climate here is so dry that I can just set them out in the sun for an hour or two and they'll dry right up :-) Muchas gracias for the tip!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

LOL at Kolein's comment!

Cool idea! Now, I'd like to know why a firestarter is needed. Isn't that what matches and newspaper are for? Is that to allieviate the newspaper? I thought I knew what I was doing but I'm proven wrong again. Lesson paleese. :)

Oh hey, the columns turned out great! Aren't you proud?!?!?

Thanks for linking up to SNS!
FJ Donna

Unknown said...

If I wasn't using my coffee grounds for my red worms, this would be my next fire starter! Great idea!