Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plain Good Manners-

I have come across many bloggers who are so gracious and such lovely hosts - and hostesses!
I love getting comments from them- and they are so thankful for the comments left at their spot- or for your participation.
I strive to be that type of host too!
But sometimes- it is just so dad-gummed hard to find a way to communicate with some bloggers. I've even resorted to leave a comment ON MY OWN BLOG-  with hopes that they might see it.

WOULDN'T IT JUST BE EASIER-  if people would hitch up their email address to their profile so that we can be hospitable and let others know they are appreciated, thought of, or missed (when they are not blogging)? 
But, It could be that some just don't know the ins and outs yet of blogger and may not know how to do that!

Well, now they can. 

There is a great tutorial at the link below I found this link at ASPTL - DIY Day.  
 (I let the author know I'm posting it here) 
let's get the word out so we can all be gracious hostesses on our SPOT! 


let's get the word out so we can all be gracious hostesses on our SPOT! 

** edited to say:  I don't think it's rude to have a no-reply comment blogger...NO. not at all. I just mean it's plain good manners to want to "thank" someone or have a conversation with them outside of blogging.  (thank you) 

God Bless you today- 
Thank you for reading! 


Sandy said...

That's good to get that information out to bloggers. I did set my profile up to include my email address when I set up my blog. I find it helpful when you want to "talk" but may not want to have your conversation posted as a public comment.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Kolein said...

Yes, Pat. Wonderful. I went over and visited the link. Great advice. I hope I'm a good hostess as well as a guest. My current situation is that I now follow so many wonderful blogs; how does one keep up? I love being a friend to people and feel so disappointed when I do not have the time to read everyone!!! However, I do comment on pretty much everyone's blog that I read - even if it's my first visit!

Cym Lowell said...

Thank you for the linkback! I hope we can spread the word :)


Prior said...

good link, Lezlee

gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

Pat... I sure wish people would include an e-mail addy. :)
Hopefully, eventually everyone will get the memo.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment about my yummy beadboard! :) Sometimes, things just work out really well (and quickly) That was one of those projects, and one I will be keeping.
hope you're having a great week!