Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sshh...I swiped it from the tool shed

Yesterday it was really nice weather outside- I'd say the Temp was mid-to upper 60's.

I've been baby sitting the grands since Honey retired. After nap time we all went outside. The grandkids and I strolled down to the shed to scrounge around in there and see what we could find.

It paid off!
I came back and unloaded all this *stuff* into an old muffin tin. It took the better part of an hour to sort the screws, bolts, springs, washers, keys, door-knob hootises, and copper whats-it's , drill-bits and thing-a-ma-bobs -with the grand-son's help of course. What would an afternoon of sorting junk be, with out a 2 year olds help, anyway?

(there's little hand inside that sleeve and it helped do the sortin') 

Once we were done...
not only did I have a really cool muffin tin full of organized and neat stuff --

But I also had this swell looking box!
Complete with *original* rope and hose handle.

Not long ago- when organizing a new workspace INSIDE the house- I happened upon some sweet wheels. I ran inside and grabbed those and the drill

You can sort of see them now at the bottom of the box.

(you may click any picture to make it bigger,btw)

and here is my new box now. Holding LOTS of my favorite things--
old issues of Decorating and Cottage type magazines.

I am swooning! I love my *new* magazine wagon!
Yes! yes, yes I do!

I might also add this box used to belong to my brother.
He used it for tools in the floor board of his big ol' pick-up truck.
I don't know how we ended up with it; but somehow we did.
He phoned me today and I told him about it. He remembered the box.

He thinks I'm nuts. (smile)

Now below is a sample of some of the items I've crocheted this week...just for fun.

a couple of dish cloths and another dish-mop. I have already used the first dish-mop I made last week remember the yellow one. These things work fabulous! After I am finished with it; I rinse it out in scalding hot water and soak it in a dish pan of baking soda and then hang it to dry- to keep it fresh.

I'm hooking up with Donna's Funky Junk Interiors SNS --
be sure and check out other projects over there!


Laurie at The Turner Farm said...
great use of the muffin tin. Love that box. You put it to good use!
jerriann said...
Hi! :)) Glad to meet ya. Love love love your magazine wagon. Super cool and very creative. I checked out your ahem lamps. Too funny. They are pretty and colorful. Brings back memories my Mom's living room in the 70"s. Girl you are ahead of your time, I tell ya. Thanks for coming by and saying hi. Hope you have a blessed filled weekend.
Coleen's Corner said...
Now that is really clever! I love that old box and never would have thought of adding wheels, but that is really a neat idea! I also admire anyone who can crochet - that is a skill I just can't master. I'm glad your husband thinks you're nuts - it translates to "wow! you're creative" :)
Funky Junk Interiors said...
Very VERY cool! Magazine box on wheels is ultra genius, as those mags are heavy! Love your tool sorter too. You're outa organization control, woman! :) Thanks for sharing on SNS! FJ Donna
One Cheap B*tch said...
Your secret is safe with me! Nicely done! Coming over from Funky Junk Interiors, new follower now!
Linda said...
Your box turned out great! And I love your muffin tin of goodies!
Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...
I love the magazine wagon, so cute and rustic!
Kolein said...
oh Corny....that box has me gasping for air! My my! I love it! And let me just tell you how touched I am that you "grabbed" my button. When I saw it on your page....I let out a huge loving sigh! BFF! I'm glad we're all a little nuts about this stuff! And that we're in the same ward together! Have a glorious Sunday!
nostalgia*gal said...
I ADORE the box and of course the muffin pan, I will be looking for them myself now! Great idea's. Darn, cannot stop thinking of that rope box now! The Old linoleum..thank you for your kind remarks. I harvest them all the time at estate auctions. I use the linoleum to cover tabletops, benches etc. Fun. Cheers! cindykay
Pat Harris said...
I am loving this!! I'm into your archives now and I've become a follower. I almost wrote flower, but maybe I could become one of those too??? When I read this post I went UH UH UH! You gave me a terrific idea. If I blog about it, I'll put a link to your post. I love your blog, did I say that??? Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. I might never have found you if you hadn't. Blessings, Pat
Prior said...
I love your portable box! and everyone needs a two year old to help with the sorting! lol Thanks for partying with me at Prior Lives! Lezlee
Jill said...
You know, I have a HUGE tub of casters from an auction. I need to marry them to a great box now like you did. I really like it! and I agree, What's sorting without the help of a two year old, or in my case a 3 and 4 year old?!
shannon i olson said...
I love that box!


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