Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I blog-

After reading Kim's post at Just a Southern Girl  about why she blogs-  
I felt inspired to tell my own story. 
While she lives in a foreign country away from home and family, my reason for blogging is much simpler. 

I posted a comment there- but for the sake of time I've copied and pasted it here. (y'all know I tend to get wordy!) And I've taken the liberty to edit and make necessary changes for the purpose of blogging! 

I find it very much a hobby to blog. It is fun and interesting. I think the people I meet or read about are wonderful people. 
I love to read your blogs for all the wonderful content. There are so many interesting things that you do,  places that you go, projects and ideas that you all have! 
I love your pictures. And even the way you share about the culture, traditions or you HOMES where you live. 
Some don't and some of course do --share the great detail of the ministry. 
I understand the work some of  you are doing is important-- and I understand some of it needs to be done privately. 

In fact-  I blog anonymously...meaning- no close friends or family read my blog. I have  met many others while blogging. Those who I would now call friends (pen-pals really). I have even gotten emails from many of you. It is the blogging community and intimacy that I share with these new friends that I don't get with family on a day to day basis.  
Weird, huh?  It's like getting a letter in the mail- and it is addressed to me and I can share it with others OR I don't have to really.No one else in my family blogs. So I don't feel like I'm being selfish with my hobby or my mail.

I like sharing on my blog the secrets and successes (sometimes failures)  of homemaking.  The things that are necessary for building a home. The time and effort it takes no matter what stage of life you may be going through- whether you are young and just starting out or if you are like me---somehow, trying to find a way to make the old things work in a newly empty nest that once thrived with a flutter of activity on a day to day basis. I like learning new things too. I want to share what I learn with other women, young and old, and somewhere in between ; because I know that if you're reading, you sincerely appreciate it. 

I also love to read your comments. You encourage me!  Where I used to thrive in homemaking- I've come to be less confident.  I need the encouragement.  Your comments give me a boost. Your posts on your blogs give me inspiration.  Where I may not copy something I've seen - I am still able to take your idea and put my own twist, proving to myself that I still got it! 
I love your posts and always look forward to reading! 
Keep blogging!

As always-  
God Bless you for reading and I thank you! 


Prior said...

Hey, blogger buddy! I can relate. I have been trying to balance it all, though. You express yourself very well. I've always loved receiving mail and it is kind of like a pen-pal, but computers make it so much quicker and interactive! Lezlee

Sandy said...

My sentiments too! No one in my family nor friends blogs. I have told a few family members about my blog but I don't think any of them are following it. They are too busy with their families and lives and/or they aren't into computers at all. And that is fine with me. I have connected with new friends through my blog for whatever reason and as long as I enjoy blogging I intend to continue.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Beth said...

Wow! We DO have alot in common! While I haven't taken the time to do lots of blogging just yet...(wedding in 2 weeks now!) the reasons and all that you just described above could have been written by me. I, like you, don't have any family or anything to read my blog, well except my daughter who helped me set it up....but it's just something I wanted to prove to myself that "I've still got it.." lol Thanks for sharing your reasons.....I have LOTS of stories to tell...just kinda waiting till after the wedding before I get "ramped' up! lol

Coleen's Corner said...

Know what I think? I think everyone should blog for the very reasons you blog. Yours always warm my heart. You don't pose or pretend or push. You're a perfect fit for me, that's for sure.

Kolein said...

You are a wonderful lady! I love being your pen pal!!! And visiting you here to see what you got "cookin"!!!