Monday, April 26, 2010

Kernals of Goodness-

Having some techno difficulties this past week with the camera-  While I do have some 'goings-on' of my own to report, I have no pictures! 

So I thought for Goodness sake, I'd show you a few pictures that I've seen around the blogsphere this week of things that really, really got my attention. 

Here are some little projects that I've seen, that
go ...


This Sun porch  at BeachBrights --- This curtain treatment was Soooo Cool!
I loved the galvanized goodness of the fence caps, tension bands and carriage bolts against the exposed brick.
What is not to love about this rustic outdoors way to hang curtains? Ironically, the drop cloth curtains soften that area so much,...completely unexpected with that hardware.


Another sun porch this time--
Amy at New Nostalgia showed this lovely sun porch and how she goes about spring cleaning! I came away feeling very inspired.
Not to mention how beautiful and peaceful she made this room look by the time she was finished.
Love the painted floor as well.  The colors (yellow and green, both my favorites) make me say...Aaaahhh!  

The gals over at the Lemon Tree Creations had a lot to offer as I cruised around their blog.
Where have they been hiding...really?  Because I was looking around over there-- let's just say, I've got to visit there more often, I couldn't get my eyes filled, there is so much to see. so much talent.

And then, lastly I looked around at some creative sewing ideas. I found a couple of things that struck my fancy. (smile)
The Crafter's File Box this is a new site for me.  I looked here and found a great many ideas. I'm going there more often to see what else this little treasure holds. She gave a tutorial (nicely done by the way) on how to make this little 'Planket' as she calls it.  It's a pillow and blanket all tucked into one...great gift for the Grands, I say.

From Sew a Straight Line this is another sewing tutorial. Since Honey retired we've really been looking for ways to save, to cut corners and stop throwing our money away- this idea does that literally.
Hand sewn towels on a roll! Fantastic Idea! She is having a give away for this set (hope to win)but even if I don't... I've been inspired!


In fact after seeing all these different  I-good-deas; I'd have to say...nothing but In-SPIR-A-tion! .  I loved all of them. Just looking at all the talent out there makes you want to get busy and make something.
I NEED all the inspiration I can get.  My creative juices flow like molasses...SsssLLOowwW!

Check out these sites for ideas-- doesn't mean you have to copy exactly what you see, but if your not feeling productive...well, there's bound to be something to light your fire.
 If these don't light your fire, then I say... "your woods all wet!" 

I hope you've enjoyed checking out all these ladies "spots" as much as I have and seeing all the creative goodness.

Until next time-
God Bless you
Thanks for reading!


Coleen's Corner said...

That's some good stuff you found! Hope your camera makes a speedy recovery - and I hope our weather straightens out so I can get something done around here.

Beachbrights said...

I am so honored!! Thanks for the fantastic words of praise.


Sandy said...

Boy, is that an industrial curtain rod and hangers! But I like it. It's so different. I enjoyed your inspirational post. Have a great day!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

DesignTies said...

I'm definitely inspired by a few things you've shared - thanks! And thank you also for dropping by DesignTies and commenting on my pillow post :-)

Prior said...

Wow! Love seeing something different like those curtain hooks! Going to check it out! Thanks, Lezlee

Amy Kinser said...

Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

What fun ideas~ look at those curtain rings!!

Amy Bowman said...

those curtain rings are to die for. thanks so much for your kindness in featuring my sunroom post. I loved hearing you came away inspired, that is music to my ears!!