Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You've Got (Really Cute!) Mail-

I wanted to show the really CUTE envelopes I made for the up coming baby shower next month. 
( I can't take the credit)
I got the idea here. 

I gathered up as many baby magazines as I could find and started ripping out all the pages I could find with 
the fewest words and the most colorful baby content. 

(please excuse the white scribbles... I had already addressed them when I remembered to photograph!)

I blew them up really big so you could see the detail... 


My mad-photo- skills are just so great too; 
see how I just laid them out there on the chair (of all places) ?
Told you... it was completely a second thought. 

God Bless you 
Thanks for Reading! 


Prior said...

these are really sweet! I will have to remember this! Lezlee

Coleen's Corner said...

Cute! Another fun and frugal idea!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

I'm so happy you used the idea :) they are adorable! Great job :)

Pat Harris said...

I love that idea. Could use it for note cards or get well cards. Anything. And it's cheap. I always love cheap! Ha! Good to see you at junkblossoms. Hope everything is well with you. Pat.

Kolein said...

Pat! They are the derndest cutest things! And I suppose you could make these using other magazine pages for like say another type of tea party for the ladies - use garden mags
A retirement party - Popular Mechanics, The Old House etc.

Wow, you got my brain on fire now!!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Yes, Pat Harris and Kolein- You could use these no matter what the theme.
You could use Bridal Magazine pages for ... a Bridal Shower
I was thinking you could use these in reverse also. Sending out thank you cards in envelopes like these.
or Birthday Card, suited to match the recipients tastes...
or for kids, comic book pages, Sunday Funnies, etc,
There are lots of options- just be creative.

They were a hit yesterday at the bank, my daughter took them to work with her to mail them out for me

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Thank y'all for all the comments!

Kelley B said...

I love this idea. Unfortunately, it will make it even harder for me to thin out my magazine pile! I love making cards but haven't quite made it to envelopes. Definitely something I will consider.
LOVE your blog! Seems we have a bit in common:)

The Boston Lady said...

I've been wanting to comment on this great idea, but the internet connection here in SoBe is crazy slow. Can barely get my pics up. Thank you for your comments on our strange/fun trip. Waiting until I get home to post about the Art Deco stuff.

I love this idea so much and as everyone else has said it could be applied to so many occasions. You've given a lot of us some great possiblilities. I hope the shower is spectacular and congrats on the next grandchild to arrive soon.

Jen T said...

I LOVE this idea!! And your blog - thank you for coming by She Endeavors and looking at my bedroom. God bless & congrats on your award! Jen