Monday, June 21, 2010

Twig Gate...

We made this twig gate

For our compost bin. 
I'm not decorating with it. But I am using it. To keep the dog out. you can click on the picture to read more about twig gates and fences. 

* edited to say...Ooops! click here instead to read more.  Thank you.

Check out more gates here; 

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

God Bless you 
thanks for reading. 


Prior said...

You know I like your twig fence and your compost pile. We've been eating from my daughter and sister's garden,yum... All we have is tomato plants.

The trips are just for fun? and according to him, it's just illegal on the interstate.

Granny said...

I love twig gates and fences. I started a compost pile after reading about yours. It's not very big now but by next spring I'll have enough to put on a little garden.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

I LOVE this twig gate! I just caught it now! So sweet! I WANT one. :)


Coleen's Corner said...

You know, I'd never heard of a twig gate until I met you! I think they're cool... and so are you!

Susan said...

Love the gate for your compost pile! I love sticks and twigs gates. I use to have a few myself back last year when I still lived in the country. Oh, how I miss that life. I think I'm going to love your blog and I think I have to check it out. I found you over at My Repurposed Life.

Oh, and I am a home schooling Mom myself. My son will graduate in a year and a half. I'm not looking forward to that "empty nest" time.

Well, I hope you have a very lovely day,