Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's Cooking? Some ideas---

This sofa is a bit larger than my settee 
but I'm loving this look. 

I spotted it in the 
Jayson Home and Garden Catalog 
while at the Dr's office with my daughter on Monday; 

I have no idea what Cocoa Linen is...but I am loving it!
I'm looking for ideas for my settee and chair. 
Still haven't done anything with it yet.

I liked the pickled white washed look of the wood on this sofa--
But SOMEBODY doesn't want to paint it. 
Why are men such sticklers about painting wood? 
Why do they think every piece of wood needs to be LOOKING LIKE WOOD? 
...With the "grain",and "natural feel " and "the beauty" of the wood? 

Can somebody please tell me why? 

My middle bedroom looks like a 'factory seconds' or furniture reject room now. 
I am only able to work on one thing at time.

Right now I'm finishing up the last of the two dressers. 
I'm stumped as to what to use for the knobs on this one. 
I can't use what was there before- because it was missing some pieces. 

I like these crystal knobs or something similar.  
But what ever I use needs to have two screws about 1 1/4 inch apart!!!! 
Having a hard time with it. 

The other one I like looks something like this-- 

So the other thing I'm thinking is maybe a brushed nickel finish. 
Something a little bit sleek and modern!  I'm undecided. Right now I'm looking for anything that will fit the dimensions I need.

I'm just making some observations, shopping around as it were, and showing you what I'm thinking.

If you were here -- with me, then you'd definitely hear me talking to myself; because sometimes I think outloud!

That's all for now--

God Bless you
Thanks for reading!


Prior said...

Men just like stuff natural stuff I guess, That may be why women wear make up and men don't. They think they'd be hiding all there natural beauty, instead of enhancing it, like paint on old wood.

I have the double and single glass knobs in one of my baths and like them.

But, I also put sleeker ones on a old black buffet and like that as well, so I guess I am of no help. lol


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I am of no help, cause I really don't have an opinion! lol
I am so NOT particular. I have not style preference.
but I will be here to listen to you talk to yourself.

~mel said...

Love the look of the sofa~ and really... what is it with men not being able to paint wood. I have a house full of knotty pine paneling that is going to get pickled or white washed the day my Dear Hubby dies if he goes before me.... God bless him.