Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flea Market Trip

Last weekend Honey and I made a trip to the local flea market near the lake.  It's called Big Daddy's Flea Market.  

I like to go on occasion -- but being on a fixed income now, we don't go like we used to.  
But on this trip I was looking for one thing. 


 I am IN LOVE with this NEW Old idea revolution and  stacked storage solution!  I've seen this everywhere-- I love it.
You may have seen these at Donna's party last weekend-- posted by Fleur Cottage.

  • Absolutely beautiful!  
  • I'm feeling inspired!  
  • And I want some!   

I don't have any luggage except 1 very large modern, soft-sided, suitcase.  NOT what I want to decorate with. 
So here is the catch-- I'm frugal. I try not to buy things just because I want them.  I must have a purpose. 
A BONA FIDE REASON to  go buy something. 

Well, I've figured it out-  all the pictures and bibles and things we've inherited from my MIL's house after she passed came here.  In boxes! I have no idea why she didn't have albums-- but they're in boxes-- cardboard boxes. I've had to toss some of the photos because they've been eaten!  
You get the idea. 

So-- I told Honey, "oh, suitcases would be nice."  They won't be crammed in a closet somewhere-- they're easy to get to for the kids and family to look at -- and in the suitcases they'll be attractive enough to sit out in the open. 

I found two suitcases.  I paid $8.00 for the pair. 

 I'm so happy.
    I'm having to be creative with them, because they are old--
 and need a little  A LOT  of work!

   I don't mind.  

They'll be so pretty when I'm finished. 

I'm hoping to finish them up this weekend after Thanksgiving.

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading. 

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fleurcottage said...

good buy! i didn't mention that i did nothing w/ the insided...yet. but i gutted them & plan to find fabric/quilts to glue in but it'll have to wait till after christmas. good luck w/ yours! :)