Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inherited Leftovers

Over the summer my husband and his brothers went to Arkansas to clean out his mom's house (she passed last October) They brought back all the furniture and stored it here in a storage facility. The siblings all reconvened at the storage building weeks later and got what they wanted.  

 I already showed you all the only thing I ever wanted ---these super cool vintage swags! 
They still hang in their semi- permanent place (more on that later) 

But for now this is about all the left-overs we inherited.

Honey was determined I couldn't have -- by " have" I mean 'ask for' or " call dibs"on - any of his mothers furniture.  
So piece by piece I saw lovely pieces that I new would look good here or there go to one of 6 other siblings and daughter- in- laws homes. 

I was sort of crushed. 
When it was said and done I ended up with ...

two chairs
(a rocker recliner and a swivel rocker) 

(little blurry, sorry)

a small desk 

an early american style bed
(seen partially here)

an entertainment center -- (I've got plans for this out dated baby) 

Not pictured---

a 5 piece bedroom set 
(two side table, chest of drawers, dresser and mirror)
2 full mattress sets
Early American Dinette table and 4 chairs 
1 of 3 pair of lamps, 
All of which found new homes with my children--

2 pair of lamps 
All of Great Granny's hand painted pictures 
1 spare bedside table
Boxes of new towels 
all the textiles... 
sheets, comforts, crocheted and quilted afghans, all the cross-stitching and sewing supplies,
a few dishes 
my Honey's childhood cookie jar and some old bowls. 
Knick-knacks galore! 
All the Ephemera, photographs, and family bibles. 

I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse getting leftovers. But I'm not crushed anymore...except maybe under the weight of all this furniture! 

So as you probably figured out I've gotten some blogging to do. 

As always God Bless you and Thanks for reading. 


Kolein said...

I know what you mean, Pat. When EC's mom moved up here it was quite the deal unloading her stuff. In the end, we had a house sale after we took what we needed and wanted. No things were easier in certain ways. I am underneath the extra furniture too!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you will doing with your new items.


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

You still ended up a with some nice pieces! Love the desk, and I'm sure the bed must be gorgeous from what I saw of it.
Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!

Prior said...

Hey, cute little desk. and I've seen some great little play kitchens made from those entertainment centers. Can't wait to see all you do, Pat! Lezlee