Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've stalled out...

While everyone is getting ready for Christmas-- my house is a topsy-turvy wreck!
I've got project after project either in progress or waiting to be next on the list.

I've got rooms that are UNDONE. (and projects in every one)
I've gotten into a rut with the only activity is ...spinning my wheels.

I just have what my Mother used to call--the don't- want- tos

I don't have my kids coming at Christmas. In fact I'm certain not   to be bothered  to have visitors at all the whole weekend as they'll be visiting with their in-laws for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We won't be having our Christmas gathering until NEW YEARS DAY.
We've done this for years.

My family comes; my dad, my brothers and their families and all our kids and Grandkids.We've done this since Honey's oldest got married and had so many places to go. She and her husband are both from a split family-- so they had 4 families to go visit in 2 days.  So we began having our gathering on New Years Day. It has just stayed that way and it works.

So there's a silver lining for me today... I'VE GOT A WHOLE EXTRA WEEK to get rid of the dull-drums!
I didn't know why I was feeling this way, until yesterday I read  MELISSA MICHAELS from the Inspired Room-- she guest posted at (in)courage  

I have my priorities all wrong

I've been so busy looking in the windows of everyone else's homes that I've not tended to my own. 
This is the number one cause of discontentment in peoples lives, by the way, looking at people instead of Christ.   We lump people into two categories; 'The haves' and 'the Have Nots'  

For me it could be as simple as - they HAVE  a garden and I have NOT. 
or  They have their tree up and I have not. 
or They have their dining room separate from their kitchen and I have an eat- in kitchen. 
 when really, I love my eat -in kitchen and that is one thing that drew me to this house

Instead of getting up and doing things in my home to make mine and my Honey's life sweeter, I've become discontent with  
that I have not. My priorities have gotten skewed.  My creative juices have stopped flowing; because I've looked and seen creativity in all these places I go and all the blogs and magazines I read.  It has made my brain over-stimulated to the point of killing my creativity! 

To the point of not even wanting to post here in My coffee pot! 


Until yesterday .  
Yesterday it was breezy and sunny with some beautiful cirrus clouds overhead.  
We worked out side. We raked leaves and manure. 
There is just no way to say that nicely is there?  It's for the compost bin. Why not?  The weather is beautiful and the manure and leaves are plentiful. 
Honey and I also gathered black walnuts.  I am gathering them to use for baking. They've all dried nicely and they just need to be cracked open. 
Honey gathered split walnut shells.  He made a jig on the saw and is slicing them-- we plan to sell them on ebay or perhaps etsy. We don't have a store but are considering it. 

Today is just as beautiful outside. Mostly sunny...and a balmy 75 degrees! 
I said to my self, "Self. Go outside and do something- anything!"  So, I've hung out the laundry on this the first day of Winter!  Praise God for this beautiful weather! 

I just need to not look at the internet so much. Instead, Read His Word. All of your homes are so beautiful. Magazine worthy- some of you.  While mine is so much of a busy work in progress.  So, I've been outside quite a bit the last few days with no posts coming from me here at Corn in my Coffee Pot, it has been refreshing, invigorating, and restful for the soul.  

Now my mind is cranking... the wheels are starting to turn.  

I'm grateful for our home the LORD has provided.  The work that it gives me to keep busy. Whatever you find to do with your hands do it with all your might. The pleasure it brings to have guests-- so now I'll be preparing for our Christmas/ New Years gathering while all of you are making Merry this weekend. 

I just needed to get some priorities straight.  Reading His word.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors house; ...or
anything that belongs to your neighbor. 
Exodus 20:17

Being outside the first day of Winter in TEXAS...helps to refresh too.  
I really don't know how some of you ,who live up north, do it.  How do you deal with Cabin fever?  How do you deal with discontentment?  How do you deal? 

God bless you 
Thanks for reading 
this rather LOOOONNNGGG post! 

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Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Hi Pat, I'm so sorry I haven't been over sooner to see this post, I've been a bad blogger, trying to stave off a bad case of procrastination.
You sound like you got everything straightened out, thank goodness!
I too struggle, especially with jealousy of what I don't have. Time is the biggest one for me. If only I didn't work 10-12 hours a day! Just think of all the cool stuff I could get done, how many projects I could crank out. Time would never be an issue......why i could even blog everyday of the week!
Now about that beautiful texas first day of winter....Oh, what I would do for a 75 degree day right now. I just came inside from walking the dogs and my feet and pantlegs are soaked from the snowbanks I waded through with them. It's incredibly cold and we have had almost six feet of snow already this month! From my side of the fence you are a very rich woman! ;)
Cabin fever? It's wayyyy to soon to get that, we northerners don't start feeling that til February (after super bowl). We cope by going to winter festivals, moonlight snowshoeing with Mike whenever the moon is full. and nice cozy evenings snuggled under a blankie to watch tv. We make the best with what we have to work with, right? Being stuck indoors more in the winter gets me motivated to get things done in the house, my never-ending project. Oh, and hey, talking about long posts, pu-leese! Have you seen how long my last 2 were? And then there's this loong comment, which is rivaling your post right about now, lol.
We are way too much alike, you and I!
Have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and now I'm envying your extra week to get ready.....