Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My HOPE TO list-

With the NEW YEAR  approaching it seems like I am always in the mind set to save money, re-organize, and re-assess our needs, priorities and goals. 
It seems like I'm not alone!  
I've read lots of blogs today and many of you have the same ideas! Go figure... 
I knew there was a reason I like reading your blogs!  

...New ideas, new challenges, a New Year with new steam behind our motivation to push us to living lives more frugally, more simply and less cluttered with material possessions. 

Some of you are taking it upon yourselves to shop with a smaller budget in mind for groceries.  
Some of you are looking forward to new decorating projects. 
Some of you are looking forward to new careers and entrepreneurial endeavors!  

Since I've been thinking this way too- 
 I thought I'd share a few of the things I'm hoping to accomplish in the New Year-- 

1. I'm hoping to learn a new skill-- namely Tatting.  My Granny was learning to tat right before she passed almost 15 years ago and my Great -Grandmother tatted; I have a sampling of both their works.  I'm fascinated by this almost lost skill/art and am looking very forward to learning.

2. I am also looking forward to gardening this year (seriously gardening)  Like having -vegetables- and -herbs at- every- meal -gardening!  I am hoping to save money on groceries too. I've been researching square foot gardening and raised bed gardening.  
I have a little something I may post later in the next day or so about this RENEWED interest. 

3. I am also looking into bartering and hoping to finding some willing and friendly people to exchange goods, work, and material items with in order to keep cost down for myself and others. 

4. In the home, on the decorating front-- I have a list that is sooooo long
but here are a few things I'm hoping to accomplish just to give you an idea! 

*upholstery (hope to get that project done, AND SOON!) 
* kitchen  

  • Honey wants to try making a butcher block counter top (we need new counters) 
  • re-doing the kitchen floors (we have several ideas on this- we're undecided at the moment)  
  • re-working some of the cabinets-- COST EFFICIENTLY 
* Getting the 2 spare bedrooms livable again-- 
When did I become a HOARDER?  (THAT is another post!) 

* And when the weather is right-- I hope to get the barn and the shed cleaned out!   We have lots of items to sell and lots of items to re-purpose and lots of items to REDISCOVER- I'm SURE! 

So that is my HOPE TO... list for 2011---
Now I must fall back re-group and face the new year with vigor and AMBITION! 

What are you HOPING TO ACCOMPLISH for the new year?  
And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.  Colossians 3:17
God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 

PS-- I have a new button for my blog-AT THE TOP OF MY SIDE BAR. SO... don't forget to PUT THE KETTLE ON   before you leave!      
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Coleen's Corner said...

Great list - sounds similar to the one I need to make! My shed is full too, my kitchen needs a makeover, I'm gonna dabble in candles - just ordered some supplies last night. Will be fun to see if we all get it all accomplished : )

Kolein said...

I love your list Pat!

I am not making a list currently. I will live vicariously through YOU for the time, OK?


Prior said...

lol, you are ahead of me... my list is not down on paper...but I did just see one my husband made. I sure hope we get together Thursday!


Granny said...

I made a list for 2011 and like you, it's a plan not a resolution. I have been dabbling in bartering and hope to do more of it this year.

I'm so jealous of you getting to meet Lezlee that I can't stand it. Give her a big hug from Granny J next time you see her.