Monday, March 14, 2011

Hoping for a Summer Porch ...

You know I have this Utility Room on the back of my house? 
Well, long, long ago in a Blog-Land not so far away... Donna from FJI had a WORKSHOP SERIES...YES. SHE DID. 

Funky Junk's Workshop Series

this was way before she ever did Gitter' Done. 

She was such an inspiration--- yeah, and I got my utility room all cleaned-up (it's not so clean up NooooWWWWW...) 
That is why I posted this picture. 
Cause this is what my workspace WAAAAAS....... 

Yes, it has windows with screens and before we moved in it was a Screened in Summer Porch.... 
I could do something with my small space. I've got my tools and things stored behind those louver doors.
These are some inspiration pictures...and this is what I'd like it to be... 
Well, something similar. 
A cool place to sit and relax and maybe read a book. 

Or a quiet place to curl up and take a nap... 

                                     Or... even a different place to sit and have a light lunch.
                                        These last two pictures are courtesy of Mel's Cabin 

I've got a little space. It's no 'TREE-HOUSE" mind you... like Lezlee has... here.

But maybe a little something to relax a while and enjoy the cool breezes. I'm looking forward to getting the plexi-glass off the screens and letting the light AND...THE  COOL BREEZE flow through.

In the mean time we've got our NEW COVERED FRONT PORCH!  Only it's got no screens... so the mosquitos will be bad... I'm sure.

That's why I want to do the screened in Summer porch... SEE? I'm thinking ahead.

God Bless you
Thanks for Reading!


michelle said...

What great space. I would love a screened in porch too. We had growing up and it was my favorite room in the summer. I love all the inspiration pics you have. have fun!!

Prior said...

Aww, thanks! Your porch really adds character, we plan on screening our bottom porch, under the "tree house", but so far we've just used "Off" for our perfume of choice! Too many jobs around here. I love your table and buckets. We've been out junking today, really junking...burned out and abandoned places...Free treasures, not counting the work and dirt!

Amber D. Mcnabb said...

I have been dreaming of a screaned in porch. One-a-these-days..siiiiigh. Me needs a money tree.