Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking for Something?

It's that time of year- all the Fleas are gearing up to get outside;make a sale, hang around the food pavilions,
eat some food and hang out with friends! If you're anything like me...You WANT TO GO and check out all the super deals to be had all around the country...but Maybe traveling is out of the question for you right now. 

'Cause there is a NEW Place in Town
Whatever you're looking for she has it! 
Maybe you're HARD-UP FOR HARDWARE... 
some rusty -vintage -TOTALLY -SWEET- Hardware.
Maybe you're CRAZY FOR CRAZE... 


Or maybe you just need a GOOD ol' PLACE TO HANG YOUR HAT! 

She's Even Got some HANDCRAFTED ITEMS 
for you to use in your own craft shop and some items can be personalized! 
Her prices are all fantastic-
She's been working so hard on her NEW SHOP.
Go over and check it out. Tell her Hi, from me while you're there.
(i get no kick backs...Amy's just a friend and my Sister in Christ and I love her! )

God Bless you
Thanks for Reading!


Kolein said...

YOU ROCK PAT!!! Rock 'n roll!!!!!

I visited Amy's shop and am trying to figure out which stuff I REALLY NEED right now!!!!! She's gonna be sold out soon!!!!

I LOVE this post! You're the greatest!


Prior said...

Cool Pat...You are so sweet to advertise, too! I am headed to Round Top tomorrow, too excited to sleep! Lezlee

Amy Kinser said...

Thank you so very much for sharing my shop with all of your followers. Pat, you are very kind and I am humbled by your thoughtfulness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Coleen's Corner said...

Thanks for pointing this out! There's some cool stuff over there at Amy's shop. I'm going to have to keep her in mind when I'm searching for that something special to add to the fray!

Faith said...

Nothing wrong with me, I left a a comment for you on my own blog. for stopping over..I am partial to those glass doorknobs...we don't have any, but they are so pretty.Little gardening today while the snowflakes fell gently..some raking and levening the little space for the square foot.