Monday, April 25, 2011

Good to the Last Drop!

I took pictures around the Potager on Friday-- and then again on Monday, today- (Between 4-22 and 4-25 of 2011). I thought I'd show what a tremendous difference a little DRINK AND a little rain make! 
 Squash on Friday 4-22-11 
 Squash on Monday 4-25-11  I know this is a tab bit closer... but it is full of blooms now. 

 Tomatoes on the Hugelbeet on Friday... (the 3 plants horizontally; almost mid photo) 
 Tomatoes today, much fuller and having blooms as well. 

 Another shot of the Hugelbeet.  I took this photo because  the cucumbers and cantaloupe on this side are so much smaller than the other side of the Hugelbeet.  
See for yourself... 
 Even the weeds grow better on this side! 

 Green beans... Friday. 
Green beans ...TODAY!  actually no beans yet, but some little blossoms. 

 Corn on Friday... 

So bear in mind. I didn't stand in the same spot and take these pictures from the same angle and all that, ...because I'm not a photographer.  I didn't check the lighting... and I know there is a trick that GREAT photographers and HUNTERS know that ...when you take a picture of something in the fore ground... It looks way BIGGER than in real life.  But, I have no idea how to do that. 

I have learned though- that if you give your garden plenty of  THIS TO DRINK... 
MANURE 'T'...blech. 
And!  a little bit a rain that we got over the weekend. (the weather man called it spotty showers) Your plants WILL grow WHILE  your watching...Well, it ALMOST seems that way! 

THEN ... there is this. Is this what you call a dandelion? Is this what turns to little puffs of seed that we (as children) blow and make a wish? 
Is this something you can eat? Because I know I recently read a blogger's recipe for Fried Dandelion (flowers)  
Now, My momma always said you could eat this, and that the settlers ate while driving west... but I never saw my Momma eat it. But, then maybe she didn't have a recipe. 
She passed away before she ever had a computer.  So, that could be the reason I never saw her prepare this and eat-- but I tell you, if she KNEW HOW TO DO IT... I wouldn't have put it past her TO DO IT. 

So tell me, what do you know about Dandelions? 

And... while you're at it, do you use  MANURE T on your garden? 

linking to the Barn Hop, don't forget to go and check out some great links especially if you've gotten the gardening 'bug'... or chicken 'bug' or ... whatever grabs you... LOL! 

God bless you 
thanks for reading! 


Coleen's Corner said...

Goodness! Talk about a growth spurt - looks like your little garden is going to be blessing you abundantly before you know it! I don't use Manure T - never even heard of it before. IF I had a garden, I think I'd be using T Bone manure - lol. Our little baby bull is one manure producing machine!

Marianne said...

Oj, you just reminded me I still haven't stated my vegetable garden. Must get on with that.
Amazing isn't it how fast plants can grow in the right conditions. My garden is very thirsty right now, it could do with a good rain or two.

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Okay, you have me convinced that I need to brew some manure tea! It's pretty easy isn't it?

Those plants look like thistle to me, not dandelion. Do they have spikes along the edges of the leaves? If so, definitely not dandelions.

Lisa said...

Oh...oooooh! I just love it! that hugelbeet is something else! squash in April? that would be heaven...I use manure tea! good stuff...stinky stuff! lol!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Thanks! Yes ...they have thorny/spiked edges. Hmmm... well now I have a reference that I can go and GOOGLE! AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE.
As for the Manure tea-- yes, very easy.
all you need is a shovel (to harvest the and I use a 5 gallon bucket and an old milk jug . I put into the bucket-about 1/3 of the way with manure the rest water...give it a good stir with the shovel (or a pitch fork). I cut the top off the milk jug leaving the handle (sort of making a scoop) and dip it in and pour it on. And I'm generous too!

Here On Crow Creek said...

Im so jelous! I did not get to have a garden this year.I need to just get busy and get some stuff together before its to late.

Abbi said...

Oh it is fun to see your garden pictures! They did grow marvelously! We still have a month before it will be warm enough to plant outside but then we will have our turn to watch them grow! I don't make manure tea but I do put a lot of manure in the soil when I can.