Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A local Affair--

Once upon a time,  not long ago, about last Saturday... 
I thought about getting out of the house. 
Out and away... 
but not too far away. 

I had heard about a little place down Athens way-- 

There was gonna be a special guest coming to town. 

Not wanting to miss the excitement~~ 

I jumped in my trusty vehicle and sped off down the KI-way...   
I mean... Hi-way  

as fast as I could. 

I got there just in time to meet Deb from Talking Trash  
whom I actually called Margo... 

See that confused look on my face? 
I really should get out more.   
She's so gracious.  First she set me straight, 
then she introduced me to Cat Daddy. 

 They gave me their best AMERICAN GOTHIC   

 and let me snap a photo! 

After that...  I met Margo.  From  Margo's Junkin Journal
 Did you know she is also a contributor to Flea Market Style Magazine? Who knew? 

I have no idea really, where have I been?  I know! 
But yeah, I meet all these people~ 
just chattin' it up with 'em ... 
gleaning all the good info I can from them~ 
 'CAUSE THEY ARE SO FRIENDLY and I felt like they were sharing TRADE SECRETS or something! 

you think you KNOW someone. 

Oh and I got to see Margo in action. 
Yes, someone came in off the street to sell a couple of items; they were quite proud of their wares, let's just say.  But Margo was decisive. She was keen.  She knows what she likes. 
She wasn't buying. 

And then I got to meet Ki... 
the Queen of Junk! 

 Sweet Gal.  I have to say.  That smile is just as friendly in person as it is in print... if not more.  I chatted with her as though we were old friends just catching up on lost time; instead of two strangers just meeting face to face for the first time. 
We talked about junkin' and when I first was introduced to her artwork and style... we swapped stories. I got to see what she bought at the antique mall...shhh! I'll never tell. 

I didn't purchase anything. Well, except this... 


 ... and Ki signed it for me!  

Everyone was so friendly and so down to earth. I was thoroughly impressed with the Winnie and Tulula's Antique Mall. There was so much there to see and quite a selection of shabby, rusty, soft, and lacy goods.  I wouldn't mind going back there. 
Oh and I have to say:  Gloria the owner, was so sweet to let me take some pictures.  

I laid my eyes on some pretty tasty goodies... I'll share that later.  

When it was all said and done,  I jumped back on my trusty vehicle and I was high tailin' it home wishin' it didn't have to end. 

Stay tuned for more photos from my adventure-of me, venturing out away from the computer ...
and a little outside my comfort zone.

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I have met Ki and Margo at Junk Bonanza and they are both very nice, friendly people! Lucky you!

Lowry517 said...

Pat, you should have e-mailed me. We could have met face to face. Oh, I had the kiddos by myself today. I try not to take them in places like that where things can get broken easily. I live right here and have never gone in that place. If you ever want to treat yourself to some good food, when in town, got across the street to the Railway Cafe. They are only opened for lunch. The owners are friends of mine. He is a real chef..culinary school and all. We have loved everything we have ever eaten there. Actually, we just gave him swiss chard from the garden to use at his restaurant yesterday. Glad you had fun!

Prior said...

Hey, I am soooo glad you went! I love your pics! Isn't the mag great!

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

How cool! That sounds like a fun time, Pat!

Lisa said...

I just love the way you write! my smile just kept getting bigger and bigger all the way down the page...