Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Living Room Reveal, Seriously?

Nah! but almost. 

If you remember... I started my living room re-do back in January.
It was cold, I was ready for a change, 
and I had so many ideas swimming around in my head. 

I've shown you bits and pieces over the course of 

4 MONTHS!!!!???? 
I explained about how I'm a procrastinator at heart... and of course HOW SLOW I WORK, 
even when I'm not procrastinating.

I have one final PROJECT I'm working on 

...and then I'll put it all together and show it to you. 

I mean, you've waited this long; can you wait just a tad longer? 
Pretty please? 

God Bless you 
Thanks for Reading. 


Amy Kinser said...

I love seeing what people have been working on. Can't wait to see what you have done.

Blessings to you, Amy

Prior said...

How can you do anything with all those men around? lol, just kiddin' they come in handy sometimes...I'm ready to see!


Granny said...

I love your stove and your yellow coffee pot. Can't wait to see what you've been up to. Hae a blessed day.

Mel's Cabin Designs said...

aweee, uuuu,,, love your old stove...can't wait to see your living room...your blog is cute..
Mel's Cabin Designs

Lisa said...

I wanna seeee too! LOL! that yellow coffe pot is wonderful! if it is as cozy as your guest room?Make room for me... I wanna move in! Hee Hee!

The Boston Lady said...

I am coveting that yellow pot myself. Can't wait for the big reveal. You ain't too shabby yourself. Ann

michelle said...

I can't wait to see! Love the window and wreath!

Coleen's Corner said...

Patience is a virtue! I can wait - I can sympathize... after all, my kitchen project is my turtle project - lol. So far I like what I see in your livingroom! I can wait for the rest. I'm not going anywhere : )