Friday, May 6, 2011

A Week at a Glance~

Some indoor and out door happenings:

Back when I cleaned up the spare bedroom, prepping and making it ready for guests;  I came across this electric lantern style porch lamp in my stash of junk waiting to be re-made.

So I took this metal doo-hicky off the bottom and took the electrical light guts   components out of the inside...


Then I put a FAT lil' candle stick and an old vintage carved candle (do people make these anymore?) on the inside...  It now sits on top the ET center...where the TV used to sit! 

In other news:  
My daughter is taking some tutoring classes at the library --- getting ready for college in the Fall. 
Well, the library was having their 'FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY' SALE... 
they had plants.  Being Mother's Day and all... She thought of me. 

This is a picture of the plants she got for me.  A Redbud Tree, 2 Aloe plants, and a Strawberry plant. 
 This is the Strawberry in the middle and one of the Aloe Vera plants.
 I must say... I copied Lindy at Cottage Hill  she has the cutest little pitcher with an ivy in it... I liked it ...

This is mine:

Oh, I bought this little doily at Bargainland yesterday... I probably paid a quarter for it.
And today-- I curb shopped this little table...
I took Honey to work today... and kept the car. 
I'm dangerous with a Car! 
 This is my squash in my front raised bed... it has brown spots on the leaves and that one piece of squash is brown on the tip end. Any ideas as to what this may be?

This is the Hugelbeet today.  I know it looks like a mix of stuff... that's cause it is!   
Remember, there is squash, tomatoes coming on the vine here.  On the other side are lots of blooms on the melons (cantaloupes) ... I also noticed beans coming on the vine too- (not pictured) 

I've had a pretty busy week. As you can see-- I've got some follow up posts to do on some of these topics. 

I'll return for those. As for now, I'm linking here--- 

God Bless You and Thanks for Reading! 


Granny said...

That's a great repurpose of the old porch lamp. The little table is cute. Will you keep it white or paint and distress it?

Gail said...

Love what you did with the porch lamp! I have one I've been wanting to take apart too. You just inspired me!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend,

Cindy said...

I love that old porch lamp! I would like to have three of those, I would have my husband rewire them and use them as porch lights! I like what you did with it, though. What a sweet looking little table, I hope you show us what you do with it. Also, how nice to have a sweet daughter, what lovely little plants you received.
Happy Mother's Day!
Hugs, Cindy

Coleen's Corner said...

That little porch lamp is the Crow's Toes for sure! Drooling over that little table you scored and am impressed with your garden's growth! It is finally nice here - we will be mowing all day today :)

Prior said...

Curb shopping!! Yippeee! love the table and the lamp is great, two more weeks of school and maybe I will blog a little more, next Sat. is the arts and crafts show in Mabank...not too much to see usually, but would love to see you!