Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Junk Loser Wannabe~

When Donna first pitched her idea on her blog—Funky Junk Interiors, I must admit I only half heartedly  read the post. I came back to it and read it again and shared ALL THIS IN MY COMMENT…

47. Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I want to be a junk loser because of my health. I'm starting to notice sluggishness, memory loss, stress, hair loss, I have arthritis, and am caring for my Husband who is recovering from 3x bypass on his heart; after a heart attack that could have killed him.
I've got lots of junk to lose, not just physically, but emotionally, and environmentally--
You've given me pause for thought-- and I appreciate that.
I'll be watching and Encouraging you ... and looking for encouragement here with everyone else!
Luv ya, and thanks for sharing!

While I am looking at things that need to be changed in regards to our health—I really, really have a lot going on in my mind and heart, Spiritual Matters.

So if you notice the part of my comment that says “I’ve got lots of junk to lose…” I was NOT being half hearted there.

I’m very overwhelmed right now in my life—and have lots to say about it but have been holding back here; not wanting to bore you, my readers, or just turn off some of you from reading. You know exactly what I mean, too. I think we all have that feeling sometimes.

As soon as I posted my comment at FJI—I was thinking of deleting it.  Seriously. I didn’t want to Commit to one MORE thing!

But I know that God has plans for me—and He sends people into our lives to encourage us in whatever we NEED to be doing.

On Tuesday I read Brenda’s Cozy Little House-  Blog Tips Monday … about Being True to Yourself…

So just remember this. When you sit down to write a blog post, just write it from your heart. That, my blogging friends, speaks volumes. ~Brenda at Cozy Little House

I told her in my comment that I didn’t like sharing too deeply, but that I try to be who I am Really all the time.

I thought about How God made me.  He has given me a voice—to share my testimony--- For His purpose, His glory and His pleasure—However He sees fit to use it.

In the back of my mind--- I kept thinking about Being a Junk Loser.

About CLUTTER—in my home, in my life, in my heart… and yes, on my hips, in my arteries…E.V.E.R.Y.-WHERE!!!! 

Finally today—I received a comment from a sweet blogger who saw my Squash recipe and the Junk Loser button—She mentioned how she needs to be getting rid of some clutter too, …but then she came back and posted she misunderstood it to mean ACTUAL CLUTTER, not weight loss…

Whew! I wasn’t the only one!

So I’ve said all that to get to this point—I’m going to chime in every now and again at Donna’s – I’m going to follow her  Progress and Report back with my own progress.  BUT IT WILL BE MODIFIED – FOR ME!  

1. Because I don’t FOLLOW very well.

2. Because I’m Different.

3. Because It’s My Blog; and My Testimony- {smile}



You’ll see this now on my sidebar.

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10:31

God Bless you and Thanks for Reading!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Pat, the fact that my post got you to think about what you need to do for you is all the rule following you need to do. :) I'm thrilled you'll be doing your own take on this!

The challenge is to better our health, period. Thanks for the reminder that we need abit more to 'chew on' than just the food stuff. Mind, body, soul. I'll see that more will be included. :)

All the best and we'll be rooting for you over at Junk Loser AND Funky Junk!


Joy Tilton said...

Well, I have junk in the house as well as junk in the trunk so I'll take it both ways! Amen on taking something from each blog and using it to better our lives. I find inspiration every single day.... in fact I just did here at your blog! Come over to Granny Mountain for a visit... Joycee

Granny said...

I think most of us have junk we need to get rid of if we just admit it, whether it be extra weight, clutter or unkind thoughts. I know I do. I'm not a follower either in the traditional sort of way. My mom used to tell me that I march to my own drummer. You've given me lots to think about and I'll be watching to see your progress. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this Kim. You defintely have a lot on your plate which it makes it even more important to stop and refuel. Even Jesus took time out from the crowds to rest and pray to refuel himself, I imagine. If He did it we must need to. I know, easier said than done, but we MUST! Hang in there, I will say a prayer for you!

Anonymous said...

I know that losing weight means getting healthier for most of us, getting organized or losing clutter can not be bad for any of us and if it is possible to lose STRESS show me the way! I will learn to be a good follower.

There are so many blogs that ask us to hit that automatic follow button, and often I do, but to be honest there is not time in my day to use the online readers. I check in with people whose blogs I enjoy or if a title catches my eye. I try to make a meaningful comment, not just a follow-me-back.

I'd rather have you share what you are comfortable sharing. I can commiserate, encourage, cheer you on.
And those who follow in the exact steps are missing the joy of any journsy.

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

This post just warms my heart. You have inspired and encouraged many with your words here on this post. I truly believe that when a person begins a journey to makes changes in their life, whether it be health, spiritual or time management, what ever the changes may be, once on that road other things in your life begin to shift's as if the decision to put one foot forward begins the domino effect in your whole life. I believe that is a natural occurrence. Of course I also believe that the ultimate surrender is the first step, my prayer is that all surrender their "junk" to God and allow Him to carry them on the journey.
I remember reading your comment on FJI and I also remember thinking how many walls you broke down with your words. So this leads me to confess this about some of my junk that needs to be lost, aside from bad eating habits; my trust issues. Opening up to others makes me feel very vulnerable, admitting this leads me to believe this is another area of my life that I need to surrender. See...those dominoes are beginning to tumble :)

My Cottage Charm said...

Thanks for letting me know Granny had put my laundry room on her blog...I didn't even know! :) It made me smile.
Have a great day!

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Hi, I just found you at Camp and Cottage and came by to meet you. Glad to see you're friends with Brenda at Cozy Little House, I love her blog too!

I see you're going through a tough time, and doesn't it sometimes feel like we get out of one and then into another? If I could I'd give you a hug and help in any way I might. So just know we're all here for you to encourage in any way we might. I'll come back often to visit.

(oh yeah, and I followed your blog!)

Mary a/k/a Ms. Redo
Redo 101

BECKY said...

You go girl! I am right there with ya!! Every single person is a work in progress, and we all progress at different rates, and in different ways! I am learning to thank God always for the process...and the pace He sets for me. After all He knows me best, and is the only One who truly knows what I need!!

Know that I am holding you up in prayer each time I pray for my "process and progress"!! Praying for that hubby, too!

Hugs n joy for our journeys!!

PC said...

Everday, we loss some and gain some too...just make sure you loss more of the negative and gain more of the positive stuffs! Stay calm and choose happy n healthy!