Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Antique, Vintage and Gently Used~

I hate to start out saying how HOT it's been here; because I know you're probably sick of hearing it about as much as I'm sick of it being HOT.  So I'll just tell you, since it is so hot, I've been trying to find some little things I can do inside to keep me busy and make the most of my indoor time.  Once the weather does start to cool down ...EVEN A LITTLE, then I'll be outside hopefully trying to get ready for a fall garden (which I've never done before) and am looking forward to doing.

If you've been reading here at Corn in My Coffee-Pot for any length of time at all- then you know we've had one crazy thing after another the last 3 summers or so--

  • In 2009, we buried a grand-child and my MIL became ill with cancer and died in the Fall. Shortly after that, Honey retired. 
  • Then in the summer of 2010 Easton was born and remained hospitalized for 6 weeks and we were busy helping our young daughter and her family cope. 
  • This year, in May Honey had a heart attack. 
Summers just aren't the best time of year for us!  Let's just say-- projects happen around this place at a 'Slow and Steady wins the race' -SORT OF PACE!

Here is a project that I showed in December 2010--

showing my MESSAGE BOARD. Notice the unfinished paint on the wall... Yeah, well, I painted that wall today Saturday. Finally.

You can't see it in this picture-- but at the top above my message board is Mellow Yellow (my name for the yellow Oops! paint)  and all around the door and cupboard-- Laffy Taffy (again, my name) 

Here it is with the paint all finished and everything put back, in a quick hurry.I know what your thinking-- EeeWWW, CLUTTERED!!!  I know. 
But really -- right at the moment, I was more concerned with the unfinished paint job. Didn't matter if  I cleaned up all nice and neat for YOU... I'd still have an unfinished paint.

So seeing the whole wall painted all the same color of buttery MELLOW YELLOW ...instead of  Laffy Taffy.

Makes me smile!

Now for the little cupboard-- I want to paint it also.
But I want it to be distressed.

I saw this SWEET little dresser over at 551 East Furniture Design (found her through MMS-- Furniture Feature Friday)  It looks so ... I don't know.  I just like it. Julia gives a really simple but great tutorial here. 

Right now, the kitchen cupboards that I do have, are painted white and in severe need of fresh paint, new knobs, drawer glides need adjusting...you know the list goes on and on. (pay no attention to all the beer bottles too-- we don't drink, but you mention ONE TIME that you want to put a Bottle Tree  {and here} in your yard...and well, there you go!)

Once I decide on a color-- the little cupboard may get new paint too! Just remember-- 'slow and steady wins the race' .  If this weather holds out-- it may be this summer. Ha!

The other little project I did today Saturday while I had the paint out was to paint the inside of this shelf yellow. It was green-- I didn't like it but again, I had put off repainting because of time -- You can see that the wall needs fresh paint--AND! you can see where I removed trim to hang that shelf on the wall.

Its a work in progress.

One wall of built-ins is all we have in this huge EAT -IN kitchen-- so slowly but surely, I'm adding pieces that will function for storage.
Taking out, adding in-- finding what works. I've also got pieces of trim here and there waiting to be added and painted for more personality!  It will hopefully have the 'added to slowly over time feel'-- because that's how its coming to be!

I had heard this type of kitchen as being called Unfitted and had read about it at Continental Calliope first.

 Deborah's kitchen is beautiful!  You can read more about it here and here.  However, I don't think she blogs any longer. (If you know whether or not she does,please let me know)

Then this weekend while reading MISS MUSTARD SEED'S again-- I saw this kitchen at The Fisherman's Cottage  the author of that blog (another Deborah)  is calling it FREE STANDING KITCHEN.
(source)  It is beautiful. Crisp. White. So clean and fresh! She has done a wonderful job of putting the pieces together and making them work in her kitchen.
I love the whole concept of furniture in my kitchen instead of boughten and installed cupboards. Factory out of the box-- cookie cutter... are nice. But for me personally, I love the character that the furniture pieces add to the kitchen and give it that old farmhouse feel.

That is the look I'm personally going for. It is taking me some time-- hopefully, when it is finished, it will be beautiful! Regardless if it is FREE STANDING or UNFIT!  I personally like it more colorful so it is UNFIT for me!
One last little project that I did recently while staying cool indoors was to turn 1 of a pair of old metal twin beds into 1 complete day bed. I rolled up a Queen sized comforter and tied it with jute string for a bolster.
I replaced the headboard of one twin bead with the foot board of the other-- giving it two uniformly sized ends and put the two taller headboards between the bed and the wall-- for a 'back'. Now, I have a quick and easy spot for naps when the Grands come to visit, FOR THEM or a nice place to sit and read away from the T.V. FOR ME.  {smile}

I saw this today from One Kings Lane ...
I love the caption underneath the photo in this ad
         Unless otherwise noted, these pieces are antique, vintage, or gently used.


The story of my life. Antique. Vintage. or Gently Used.
That also makes me smile! =) 

...Staying Cool...
If you've made it this far~~

God Bless you and Thanks for Reading! 


Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

I hopped over for a visit on your blog this morning and saw you're doing a piece on kitchens, which is one of my favs to look at pictures in magazines...the white one is very pretty...mine is light green and wood doors and drawers...I had them custom made after I replaced the old ones. I made a bench out of a couple of drawers and one door from my kitchen....it's hot here too, evenings are starting to cool abit now...my sewing is in the basement which is really nice and cool...I volunteer work at a little thrift shop and I picked up some more fabric, plus a friend of mine gave me a lot more fabric from her stash...since there's more heat to come....I'm almost living in my basement and only taking a peek outside when I have to...lol...thanks for stopping by Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel

Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

PS: I love your corner kitchen sink and your whole kitchen....it's really cute! Mel

Granny said...

I love the kitchen with the red cabinets. When I was growing up our kitchens never had built in cabinets. I like the look of the unfitted kitchens and using a dresser in a kitchen to hold linens.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I like the last kitchen best, but that's cause I'm liking white these days. Red would be too dark for my kitchen with it's one tiny window.
great job on the day bed!