Friday, August 19, 2011

Which one of these Signs is Lying?


01 Walgreen's sign




02 Walgreen's sign 

I posted this photo  of the Temperature yesterdayLOOK CLOSELY

It’s August, how COLD IS IT WHERE YOU ARE?


Do you think their sign is broken or just the thermometer?

Leave me your Captions for the temperature photo – I’d love to read them!

God Bless you and Thanks for reading.


Granny said...

Ever heard the term "colder than hell"?

The Boston Lady said...

Well, I was wondering how long your thermometers could take the abuse and there's my answer. Did you feel any cooler when you looked at it? Hope you guys get some rain and relief soon. Ann

Debbiedoos said...

That is funny. Our Walgreens does not have the neon lights under it. I will have to show my hubby this, he works at Walgreens. Have a great weekend.