Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homesteader's Library

I’m still keeping my eyes out for the other two Little House books in the series—If I must, I’ll go to the library and borrow them. I just don’t get to town that direction often enough. Our ‘Local’ library isn’t as ‘local’ as I’d like it to be. Ha!
Earlier in the week I was perusing my book shelf. I was looking for inspirational reading material I came across the Tightwad Gazette series…
So I plucked them off the shelf and have been picking through them and reading them on and off this week.  I love these books. Amy is my very first frugal hero…next to my Granny Jo of course!
cabriole legs- 3 burner hot plate- Chicken Mag 005
The other thing I’ve been reading and keeping my mind occupied with?
Chickens  published by Hobby Farms. cabriole legs- 3 burner hot plate- Chicken Mag 006
The first issue I ever read, I picked up at the V.A. waiting area-- (they have a sign that says: You may take any book, if you like, you may return it or bring some of your own to the mix…we don’t mind sharing. Help yourself!) Or something like that.  So I took it.
Until then… I’d not ever heard of Hobby Farms anywhere;  even on any of the Homesteading sites I read. Being new to the Homesteading Concept—I don’t have many resources in my own library. So, I’ve been looking around to see what’s out there.  I personally love the ads in the back; and so far have found some of the articles pretty interesting.
With everything on the internet there are plenty of opinions to go around; both good and bad.  I HAVE found negative comments on the internet regarding Hobby Farms—Don’t know what the hub-bub is about farming whether you do it for leisure or sustainability; doesn’t matter to me. I’m just trying to learn some new skills!! As for my own personal experience, I’ve found them to be a legitimate resource in their material, information, advertising and format.
Regardless what I read… I generally read for practicality.  I glean what I can and throw out the chaff.  {smile}
I’m still wanting …

and hope to be adding it to my personal resource library soon.  There may come a time when I won’t have internet access. So a good library isn’t something to be overlooked when beginning to homestead or planning for
the unexpected.
  • So do you read Hobby Farms? 
  •  Do you have a favorite Homesteading resource?
  •  Is there a resource that you’d recommend above all others when reading about caring for the home, animals, cooking and canning, herbal medicine, etc? 
No fair Listing the Bible…I already have that one! In several versions and two languages!
God Bless you and Thanks for reading!

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Homesteading wife said...

I got the "Backyard Homestead" for Christmas last year. It is a wonderful informational book, that talks about all aspects of homesteading. I have several books like this, and I think this is the one that suggests books that really get into individual subjects (ex. chickens, herbs, butchering, etc.)

Homesteading wife said...

I forgot to recommend one of my favorite books. "The Cook's Herb Garden" By: Jeff Cox and Marie-Pierre Moine
by far the best book I have read about all things herbs.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love Hobby Farms and especially Hobby Farms Home and also Grit. We subscribed but typically we see them in the farm supply stores such as Tractor Supply.

Kristina said...

We like to read a magazine called "Farming" but we can't get it in our library here. I have yet to subscribe to it. I also love Small Farmer's Journal.