Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you 10 years ago today?

I was at my church—We had prayer in the morning EVERY Tuesday.  Several women met at our church to pray for the church, schools, community—leaders, country, etc.
I was in the sanctuary on my knees…
I remember getting up and starting to leave and someone in the church office telling us what had taken place.
As if in a dream; I remember thinking how I needed to get home to my children – wanting my husband to be there at home when I got there (knowing he was at work) and wishing I could call my mother—wanting desperately to speak with her (though she had died 2 years earlier).  Like everyone~ I had a sinking feeling in my gut. I remember thinking I was totally helpless.
Had I forgotten?  Why had my heart strayed so far from the throne as soon as I left the sanctuary?
Like everyone~ I watched the sky for three whole days-  only to see birds in the air. No man made machines – to clutter the expanse of God’s creation. Something far fetched for the day and age in which we live; I can say it only contrasts to what must have been just as awesome as the first flights witnessed with human eye. But still, I couldn’t help but scan the skies with an ever watchful eye; it was easier than watching the television,  where every thought, word and emotion was played out in horror to those who are glued to it’s scenes.
I had to close my eyes…enter the sanctuary and pray for my country
Though I am NOT glad for the events that happened that day and for the days after… I am glad to have this anniversary, this reminder of what it means to be free; to reflect on how this event has shaped me and how it shaped my family and our country- to know that now more than ever…our country needs prayer. 
 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14
What have you reflected on today or in the days leading up to this anniversary?  Are you flying Old Glory today?  Are you doing anything to commemorate this anniversary? 
Will you share your thoughts with me and my readers in the comments?

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God Bless you and Thank You for reading!


Kristina said...

I was at home baking, and pregnant with my last child. My other children were all in school. I think they put the school's on lock down.

Angel said...

I was on the way to the dentist office early with my younger kids, and my oldest daughter called me to tell me but the news was sketchy at that time.
I remember after getting home turning on the TV and watching dumbfoundedly. As I recall you came by my house and saw my flag flying on the porch that day and it bringing a lump to your throat.
Today we remembered that day in church. Our Pastor was a first responder with the Billy Graham Team, having lived in Connecticut at that time. I saw the city through his eyes today. He vividly remembers asking strangers if he could pray with them. No one said, "No".

Shanda said...

I so remember that day as well. We were living in Costa Rica and I had taken my kids to the International School. Many of the parents watched the scenes unfold in the library. Although the crime was against America, it affected the world. Two of my kids classmates had family members killed that day: one in one of the planes that flew into the WTC and another on the ground. What I also remember so dearly as well, was the way it brought us to our knees in prayer.

camp and cottage living said...

I have been remembering all day.
We can never, never forget!

The Impulsive Texan said...

I'm glad you decided to talk about this...this is so close to my heart and I believe to the hearts of millions of other Americans. But this morning, September 12, 2011, as I drove to work, I didn't see any reminders of that day 10 years and one morning ago.

Have we forgotten? Are we that "over it"? It cuts deeply to think that we've moved on so soon after the worst disaster this nation has ever been through.

I too wrote about my feelings on this in my blog. I'm beside myself with wonder and amazement at the total lack of remembrance out here in the "heartland"...

The Impulsive Texan