Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Monday in Canton~


I don’t live very far from Canton—roughly about 45 minutes.  However, we don’t get there very often. Unless we absolutely have to drive through that little town to get to where we are going… we generally avoid it.

Don’t get me wrong… I love junking- just not all at once! Also I’m not that fond of crowds; not to mention the wear and tear on these arthritic joints of mine.

Anyway—we went this last time (Oct.2011)  …here are the pictures of all the cool stuff I DID NOT buy… {smile} canton- coop progress- netting-around the yard 001 Rusty wheels , galvanized watering cans and sewing machine drawerscanton drawer closeup  …with really cool wooden appliqués on the fronts.                   canton- coop progress- netting-around the yard 003

Lawn furniture , tractor implements…and a cool pink chair with a beautiful Mum sitting inside of it. canton- coop progress- netting-around the yard 004    Signage—what else can you say?  All of it cool! canton- coop progress- netting-around the yard 005

  More rusty old stuff for the yard… or the mantle, or the kitchen or whatever room you’re looking to enhance with rusted up goodness… your choice! canton- coop progress- netting-around the yard 007  Really cool gate… thought about getting it for behind the wood- burning stove- would be way more interesting than the fireboard that is back there now…Only I didn’t think of that until AFTER I was home and looking at this picture… I guess I took this picture to remind me of the great deal and ideal metal junk I passed up…{sigh} canton- coop progress- netting-around the yard 008

Really cool Pumpkin.  Sort of like a “Potato Head” with the eyes and nose and mouth and ears, all just jabbed into the pumpkin…very clever, I thought.

That’s pretty much it. We went with the oldest daughter and son-in-law and Lil’ Bree. We were there about 4 hours or so…I was so sore the next day from walking around…glad we had the day off from babysitting and got to do absolutely nothing…because Honey was exhausted too.  I think that is the most he walked since coming home from the hospital in June, really.

We did buy some things while there… like I said “this is all the stuff we Did not buy”,remember?

** Oh, yes- I know I used the word “cool” too much in this post and it is probably annoying.  But I’m too tired to edit--

God bless you and Thanks for reading, anyway!


Kristina said...

What a fun trip. Your photos are very inspiring.

Granny said...

That looks like a fun place to go. Great pictures.