Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recent Happenings and Giving Thanks Challenge~

All rolled into one!

Three times in the last week or so;  we’ve had cool temps roll into the area…and even a little bit of MUCH NEEDED RAIN! garden pictures and wild things in the yard 002 I liked this picture of the clouds.  I love the sound of rolling thunder in the distance.  It’s the big storms, high winds and huge thunderstorms that I get uncomfortable with.

  You can also see this is one of the fence lines we hope to replace soon~  there are just posts right now, no actual fencing. Dallas FM- pasta- clouds- nonsequitur foot 002

We’re still having pretty mild temps.  nothing too cold yet.  It’s like a roller coaster really, cool and warm, up and down. So when something like this blows through…I usually catch a little allergy.  (Can you catch an allergy really?)  Not for sure.  But something blows up my nose and it isn’t a cold. But it creates stuffiness and headaches.

I usually take a clove of garlic and some organic honey by the Tablespoon Full and eat that a few days. I get over whatever it is usually pretty quickly. It doesn’t taste all that great…but is sure does the trick!

I’m so Thankful to the LORD the way He has provided for us …for good health.  He has made a way definitely for Honey to get the medical attention he has needed this year. The LORD has also made a way for me to be able to treat whatever little nuisance type illnesses I’ve had in the past couple of years.  He has given me the interest I need in the area of health and NATURAL REMEDIES. I praise Him for that and am so thankful for HIS provision and healing.

On Sunday 2 weeks ago, Honey and I jumped into the car and drove to Dallas after church. He’s been reminiscing of his mom here lately, she passed away two years ago on Oct.30 --We went to the Farmers Market Downtown. He enjoyed it and it took his mind of things.

Dallas FM- pasta- clouds- nonsequitur foot 004   Besides we haven’t been in years.  (he didn’t know I was taking a picture…That’s Honey sportin’ his new wool hat!)

We bought lots of  local produce. Honey has been wanting some homemade pasta noodles. (I haven’t made any in years…HOMEMADE WOULD CERTAINLY BE CHEAPER, I TELL YA~)

Dallas FM- pasta- clouds- nonsequitur foot 011

I found this there—He chose plain Fettuccini and I chose Habanera Fettuccini. We also bought some fish and pork loin (not pictured) and some sausage. We were looking at some Grass-fed beef; but he was out of what we ordered…so we bought the pork loin and sausage from him instead.  We’re interested in trying meat that is grown naturally without added ingredients--- that take away from the product.


This past Sunday we drove to Midlothian,TX and picked up some deer meat we had processed.  Honey has a friend that hunts and we pay for the processing. He says he can’t eat it all.  The amount we pay is small compared to the out of pocket expenses we’d have to pay for if we had to get a deer lease, equipment, ammo, license, etc.  It was a nice drive and he was able to visit with an old friend he hasn’t seen much since retiring from work.


(Giving-Thanks Challenge)


God Bless you and Thanks for reading!


The Boston Lady said...

Pat, lots of adventures for you! I agree with you about the honey! I am big on drinking herbal tea with honey when feeling iffy. Also I take a zinc tablet which (I think) wards off colds and bad allergy attacks. Loved your trip to Dallas. Ann

Unknown said...

Hi Pat!That's quite a Farmers Market.... But, being from Texas, I know everything's BIGGER IN TEXAS! LOL!!! glad to hear you are both well and enjoying the change of seasons!

Cindy said...

Your sky photo looks wonderful, I love the sky.
How wonderful to go to a Farmer's Market, I haven't been to one for years.
Hugs, Cindy

michelle said...

I am so glad that weather is getting better for you and I love thunderstorms too. It looks like you have been busy and I am so glad that everyone is feeling better (other than the allergies) and He has seen you through some not so fun times.


Kolein said...

The same allergy thing gets caught by me sometimes! Do you do the garlic raw or roast it??

Love the photos!!!