Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cargo Sweat Pants-repurposed!

This is a *repurposing project I just finished. 
It’s a back-pack for one of the *Littles* … he’ll be 4 in January and needs something to carry his current Movie of the week, some snacks, and occasionally dry pair of Spiderman Undies(for those times when his  AIM isn’t so great!)
back pack- repurposed cargo sweat pant 002
I actually took  a pair of his Momma’s workout Cargo style sweat pants and cut the legs off to make this bag. Used the drawstring from the waist band and the pocket from the leg… I also used some of the extra fabric to make the straps.
These are NOT her pants…but they were similar to this pair.
And… here it is hanging on the chair…so you could see the pocket. Pretty simple.  I’m not a seamstress… in fact, I think my sewing machine HATES ME.  So a relatively simple project took way longer for me to make than the average person; but its done. (oh yes, and if you came looking for a tutorial for this fabulous project...sorry.)back pack- repurposed cargo sweat pant 006
…AND THE BOY…is. going. to. love it. ~ cause his Oma made it for him!
* Oh, I might also say, the shoulder straps aren’t adjustable…so I’ve sewn a carabiner hook /latch

in the strap so he can fasten them together at his waist.  He’ll LOVE THAT FEATURE! 

God Bless you and Thanks for reading~


Kristina said...

What a fun project.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

great repurpose Pat! perfect project.

Merry Christmas!

Prior said...

Pat, it made a perfect little pouch, most backpacks are too big for the littles.
Merry Christmas!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Crazy about your blog name.... I had to come and see it just because of that!

Your "little" is going to love the bag.. My little guy loves all sorts of containers for his "stuff".

Merry Christmas!