Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glimpse of my Week~

I’ve been busy reading everyone’s blogs showcasing and highlighting some of their more popular posts throughout the year.
Well this is NOT that post for me.
This is really just a laundry list of things I’ve done pretty much the last week of the this year and haven’t gotten around to posting… AND! it’s short and sweet. Cut and dried. Very simple. 
These are Reindeer Feet  I made when the LITTLES were visiting.  They gave them as presents for their Momma’s and Daddy’s.  I think this project turned out cute!  Makes  a sweet keepsake. Reindeer Feet print crafts 002
 I hung a curtain in my bathroom.  It is actually a dresser runner. I didn’t have a curtain rod. But really wanted a curtain to dress up this window. bathroom window MIStreatments 008
This is a close up of the twigs.
bathroom window MIStreatments 007
 I found two twigs with a “fork” in them; used the chop saw…

YES! ALL BY MYSELF…and cut the back off them so that they would be flat; to go against the wall. Put a long twig across there… and Voi`la !!!

On the gardening scene… we’re still GROWING!  This is just one of our broccoli plants we have in the front manure garden.  We’re not growing manure…but manure sure grows groceries well!
I hope my supplier comes in for me again this year.  I love this stuff for gardening.  BROCCOLI IN DEC 2011 002 Doesn’t that broccoli look good?  Not quite big enough to harvest yet and we only have about 4 plants.  NOTE to self:  Grow less radish and grow more broccoli.
For Christmas one of our kids gave us Money$$$.  I knew what I was getting as soon as I opened it. {wink}Ha! cause I recognize money when I see it... Noooo! I mean I knew I was going to buy Christmas 2011 061 Some boots! …don’t know if you can tell or not; but these have little weather vanes on them with ROOSTERS!  Aren’t they cute? Christmas 2011 064 Honey snapped a picture of me in my new boots. I got them this morning at the Tractor Supply Store.
This is Lil Bree…showing Oma her boots; they are Barbie boots. She is proud of them…She loves wearing them out to see the chickens!Christmas 2011 063
"Take a picture of my boots, Oma! These are my Barbie Chicken boots! See? "

Somewhere during that week—I had some dental work done and unfortunately will be needing some more. I hate going to the dentist.  So y'all pray for me about that, would you please?

That’s it for now. 
Hope everyone has a great start to a Wonderful New Year!
God Bless you and Thanks for reading~


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Just wanted to drop by and wish a very Happy New Year. Love the boots!

camp and cottage living said...

Oh, those reindeer feet are adorable.
I love your new boots and little ones too.
That is a neat way to make a valance-I'll have
to try it!
Have a great New Year!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Cute reindeer feet! Great keepsake for sure!
Love that picture of you stylin' your new boots! They will be helpful for sure.
Can't believe that broccoli!
and... last but not least, that toe to toe pic is adorable!!!!
Happy New Year Pat!