Saturday, July 28, 2012

::Pinning Recipes~ Summer Time Berry Crumble::

Today, while at the grocer with my daughter (I only went along for the ride) but... I couldn't help it, the IFFY produce buggy had a couple of good finds. There was this batch of Peaches marked $1.99 it was about 3 lbs.

I decided today would be the day to try a recent recipe that I pinned on Pinterest.

I got the original recipe from Keeping it Cozy --she did a fine job with the recipe.Be sure and click on over there and get that recipe. I actually followed this one-- she used other fruit besides peaches; and suggest you use what you have on hand or in season. I had blackberries in the freezer for a recipe such as this...but I'll wait and make it later on; besides, how much cobbler can two people eat?

I love cooking all my casseroles and cobblers in my big cast iron skillet. Do you like using cast iron? I warmed this up with a little butter and then added the peaches and sprinkled some flour...(tip: stir slightly after sprinking)

It turned out to be quite delicious.

I didn't have cream but I did have some butter pecan ice cream so just a dollop on top was all that was needed make this a delightful little dessert.

Here is a special Tip:
As I was getting all the ingredients together, I noticed I was out of Brown Sugar-- here's what I did.

First, I googled What to substitute for brown sugar... I found several recipes for MAKING YOUR OWN.

So here it is... Pretty simple.

2 1/2 cup white sugar

2 TBLsp of Molasses

Stir together until mixed well. They also suggested using a Food processor; which I don't have. I have the equivalent of a Braun hand worked just fine. This recipe is for light brown sugar. For darker sugar;  add less white sugar.

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Unknown said...

YUM! I love peaches. last year I bought about 50 lbs. of snow white peaches and 96 lbs. of pears and canned them. i made a lovely peach pie later with them. It was an awesome deal for about 39 cents a pound for each. plus it lasted us the year...still have one more jar of peaches. Thanks for sharing....Mica @ the Child's Paper

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

It looks delicious! My neighbor just brought over lots of peaches. What a perfect time to try some tasty desserts.

Have a great day.

E.liza"BETH" said...

oh, my goodness ... that looks extra delicious. yummy!! i need to write the recipe down for sure. (:

The Boston Lady said...

Delish!!!! I wish out grocery had an "iffy" section. If they do I've never seen it. Ann

Leslie said...

That looks great!!! I wish that I liked peaches. I keep seeing lots of yummy lookoing cobblers ...maybe I can switch the peach for apple!
have a great Sunday.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I'm definitely making this! I saw it on another blog and it looks delicious! Won't you come join me tomorrow for Pinned it, Made it! Monday? This would be perfect. It's all about sharing something you pinned and made from Pinterest!


Keeping It Cozy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe! I love that you made it in your cast iron skillet... that is a great idea and I love using cast iron. I'm going to try that next time!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh man does that say summer or what? I have not made a crumble yet this summer. I need to get on that. Thanks for sharing it.