Sunday, September 23, 2012

::Respect the Chicken ::

***WARNING*** Due to the nature of this post;  I'm posting my photos in BLACK AND WHITE. I don't want to spoil your chicken dinner. If you are squeamish-- even SELECTIVELY. Thanks for stopping may click away. 

Alright here it is LATE Saturday night. 

I'm just popping in to tell you a brief summary of my 'CHICKEN PLUCKIN' EXPERIENCE'  
Well... it's not all it's cracked up to be. I learned ...
You must Respect the chicken.

Seriously, I have watched the videos. I have read and re-read the manuals. I bought the magazines. I read the books... I. GOOGLED. AND GOOGLED  'How to Slaughter a Chicken'.  

I've come to the conclusion that the people posting videos of their chicken plucker have done a 'dry run' on their machine. They've tested it first before showing their superbly de-nuded chickens. The videos and events leading up to those videos...are heavily edited. They MUST be--  Because our experience was
... just short of FAIL.  


We have one processed chicken. One!  Respect the chicken.  So that in and of itself is a success. We've had to do some tweaking on the machine.  It only partially de-nuded (plucked) our chicken. We ended up with a SEMI-BALD chicken. 

I had to pluck it the rest of the way.  Not for the selectively squeamish. Not for the squeamish. Period. 
I will tell you that it has been years since I've bought a whole chicken at the grocery store; so I haven't cut up a chicken for frying in years.  I probably should have done this to practice before having to 'gut and clean' one from feathers to fryer.  Yes. That was an all together different experience.  One I shall never forget. 

Respect the chicken. 

We aren't finished. Tomorrow morning we're getting up and hopefully finish up the job. We had to stop due to some problems with our machine. The drive belt was first too loose. So it was slipping and not turning. Then we tightened it and it was so tight... and spinning with such presser on the belt, the breaker kept tripping.  I think we have it all worked out now.  

Our first time to do this??  Total Experience. That's what we've gained so far. 
 and respect for the chicken. 

Until next time. 

O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His loving-kindness is everlasting. 
~Psalm 107: 1


Art and Sand said...

I grew up on a chicken ranch and I have some vague memories, but I don't think I could pluck a chicken.

Good luck finishing the job!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to ring their necks, pluck'em and cook'em for dinner....a real woman in her day.....NOT ME!!! Grocery I a great fall day Pat!
Mel's Designs 'n Harmony

Sunny Simple Life said...

It does seem like a huge amount of work. I watched a few of the videos when we were deciding what to do with the two brown chickens and thankfully Kris too them because I thought it seemed harder than I thought. Maybe if you do it a lot it will become easier and hopefully quicker.

Carla said...

Oh you brought back memories of my grandmother telling us about how she had to go chase a chicken, kill it, pluck it and then somehow, eat it after all that work. I would have been too tired. I am spoiled and I know it. I do not associate food from the grocery with farms or dairies. period. at all. I admire farmers though and anyone that has chickens too. And I must admit that while I've only been deer hunting once - I couldn't find the right shot it was too dusky for my eyes so my friend shot it. But I helped load it, take it to the processor, watched after it was gutted and then moved to the dry storage place. without getting grossed out. I surprised myself. and yes, I do eat venison and my friend did give some from the one that got away from me.

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Pat! Wow. I'm still following this process from the safety of my desk as I'm not sure I would have the fortitude for this. But I like the way you emphasized, Respect the Chicken. That makes all the difference.

Got my package! Love my little pumpkins! I will post about them soon! Ann

Kristina said...

Eventually, I would like to do our own butchering too. I think I will ask if I can watch during the next time we do have it done.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Thank goodness I've never had to butcher a chicken. I was traumatized by a story my mom used to tell about one time during WW2 or before, she decided to kill and butcher a chicken. I have no idea why she was doing this in the basement, but she tried to chop its head off and did not completely succeed and the chicken got away from her and was running around still kind of squawking. Someone there with her ran and got a neighbor to help them catch and kill the chicken. My mom never butchered anymore chickens as far as I know.

I know it will all be worth the effort that you have gone to because home raised chickens are so much better tasting, and you know what you've been feeding them.I am sure you've been Respecting these Chickens all along.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I can remember Mom and Grandmother killing chickens when I was growing up. I still can smell the odor of them dumping them in a hot pot of boiling water (after they were dead) to get the feathers off! I'll never forget it. But, it was necessary--and we ate well all winter!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I say respect the chicken butcher! Oh Pat, thanks for the black and white. I'm sure I could take the real pictures from here, but just the thought of a long drawn out process makes me glad there are still chicken farms and grocery stores...for now anyway. You are amazing!

Lisa said...

Pat? you are the mostest! to even attempt this for the first time is an accomplishment!