Thursday, December 6, 2012

BLOGGING :: Not Just a Virtual Blessing::

Over the course of this year, while blogging, I've learned quite a bit. I've learned lots of things on Gardening, Homemaking, Etsy-ING, Shop owning, I've met new friends---there is so much, I've learned!

 But I think my favorite part about blogging this year has been learning Scripture. 
I've placed Scripture around my blog and inserted it into my posts for years now. No big secret. 
But up until March of this year-- I would sign off my posts with my Name (siggy) and "God Bless You and thanks for reading!" 
I got to thinking... God Bless You is so over used...kind of like I LOVE.... (fill in the blank). We hop around from blog to blog...telling others how we LOVE this, that and the other thing.  I want my words in my comments to mean so much more than a little cliche soon forgotten greeting or sentiment. Like a gift.

 I want my words to have true meaning; and I suppose they do. Because I get lots of emails in my box...countless emails telling me how my comment has made someone laugh, smile, or spurred them to creativity with another idea! 

Ah, my job here is finished. ;)
...but I've strayed away from my original intent for this post. That is to truly bless God and others. Rather, than just say 'God Bless You' ...I really do want you to be BLESSED by God, not just after having visited my blog; but always
I began thinking about it...How could I, here in my little country farm house-- reach out to others who might pass this virtual way, and bless them?

I knew right there and then I'd share a snippet of what I believe is TRUTH with you. I'd share God's Holy word...rather than just wish that He'd bless you because I said so--I'd let His word be there for you to read. How He intends for it to be used when you read it, is up to HIM--because it is personal you know?  Each line, word, jot and personal to you and for you.  I have no way of knowing how He will use it to perfect His will in your life. But, by His command to me, I'm to share it.  I'm also to study it and know it.

That has been one of the favorite things that I've learned THIS YEAR through blogging ♥♥♥Scripture♥♥♥. I come across scriptures in my reading that I've not committed to memory; or I've learned them in the past,forgotten it and sometimes have not known the whole scripture only part--or perhaps something just speaks to my own personal life so profoundly, I MUST LEARN IT. I've incorporated them at the end of each post.


The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen. Philippians 4:23 

Maybe you don't read it. Maybe you do.  A lot of you do...because you've left comments or sent me emails saying you have and appreciate it. Some of you may think..."hmmm, I haven't even noticed." You will. You will notice, you will read it and you will be affected by it (positively or negatively) it will affect you. That isn't up to me to decide.  
The thing is ... I've learned quite a few new scriptures this year by placing them at the bottom of my posts. What started out to be a way of Blessing God, in turn has blessed me and will hopefully, no doubt,  bless you and continue to bless you

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8 


Chicken Wrangler said...

Amen! And, may the Lord bless YOU!

Homesteading wife said...

The word of God... it's powerful stuff.

Revi said...

LOVE this. And your verse today - in Isaiah 55 - I love Isaiah 55. 55:11 says that if the word is out there, it will accomplish the purpose for which he intended it! So, when you put it out there, SOMEONE needs to read it. And they will. :) Because HE is in control, and He does not lie.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed. Your post that follows this one has a verse that really spoke to me. Thank you.

nannykim said...

well, well, I think I am one of those who haven't noticed because it is tacked on at the end! I read to the signature (generally) and then stop. So I wonder how many are like me. I remember another blogger, Rose of Sharon , I think her blog was called, who also use to do this. It always amazes me how much we can miss on blogs and each day! But God uses all aspects to bless us and encourage us--even photos and attitudes of others. It is true that His Word is very powerful and is special and unique. I read it everyday and reflect on it; I do find with bloggers that their impact on my life is more a one of their attitude towards life and God and others that comes out in their posts. This do affect me and God does use it in my life to encourage me in my walk.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Pat, I look forward to the revival of your original blog intent. I too have drifted from my mission and that is something I have been planning to focus on in the coming year as well. It's easy to get off track when there are so many visual projects and the time to put everything together is so consuming. However, it can be done and God will use your faithfulness. His Word does not return void. Great inspiration!

Tonya said...

I am SOOO glad I stopped in to read tonight. God has convicted me and used you to help remind me of what is important in life. Thanks so much for your words!!!!