Sunday, January 20, 2013

::Thrifting Haul –Etsy Shopping and More ::

We were going to have a 'No Spend' month in January. But...we never really settled on it--there were items we needed to purchase and a big bill of groceries we needed to restock since the holidays. So making plans for be the official 'no spend' month for our household.

Still working on the budget and getting new items for the Etsy shop. The way Etsy bills, I won't have a bill in February if I wait until the 1st to get the store stocked. However,  I have items to go in there and these last two thrifting days were geared at stocking. So that's what I'll do!

Here is a look at some of what I've gotten lately...a lot of it was FREE too, as I gleaned while helping my daughter unpack!
Sort of like curb-shopping; but NOT. ;)

1.Basket with wooden handles—picked from the  TOSS PILE (it was broken..I’ve already glued and re-nailed it, washed the liner and am using it for story books!) basket
2. Ball of twine—3 bracket THINGIES –and a cast iron POT HOOK for the wood burning stove (already has come in handy…(all from Bargain Land)
brackets string cast iron hook
3.Bread box- again picked from the donate box…My daughter just knows …she should donate to me, because I’ll do something with it! In this case, I’m repainting it and maybe will try a slide decal …OR SOMETHING …and then give it to her sister to use in her kitchen!!!
 bread box
4.Two clocks and a wooden plaque—The one clock has a picture frame attached… it will be altered…the finish is coming off of it already, the mantle clock…won’t keep proper time…It needs some TLC also.
thrifty finds
5.Wooden Plaque- It is vintage and has praying hands and a House Scene it says :
“Bless this house Our LORD we pray keep us safe by night and day.”  I don’t know if I’ll leave it for resale in my shop or alter it, and perhaps resale?  What do you think about this one?
wooden plaque
6.This one and the next one are slip covers for a loveseat…I bought on my latest thrift adventure.  The Honey likes the blue and white striped one… I don’t care for either,and will not be even keeping the couch and loveseat once the other is re-upholstered. ( the lighthouse pillow is having it’s outer cover washed---I don’t do light houses but the pillow came from MIL and I just put a slip over it)
. 100_7870
7. I bought both of these to re-sale…because the price was so great on them… They are both in really good condition. Will probably sell them locally, through FB or Craigslist… 100_7879
8. thrifty finds 2
On the last trip I also bought some pretty glass coffee cups and a copper colander, a needle point table cloth made of cotton and another white table cloth much larger with a crocheted edge; I think it is made of cotton/linen blend, for the shop. Oh! and a folding yard stick. I’ve never seen one of those.

For me, I bought a swing arm lamp.(not pictured) It will be going in the front bedroom where my sewing machine is for TASK LIGHTING.  When there are guests …they’ll have an easy access lamp at the bedside too. So it was a dual purchase.  It had $5.00 on it… but, she only charged me about $1 for it. I also bought some pillows with a linen feel to them.

Have you done any thrifting? Are having a 'no spend' month now or in the near future?  (I know some of you are)

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"For the eyes of the LORD  move to and fro throughout the earth so that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.~ 2 Chronicles 16:9a"


Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

You got some nice things! Good luck on your no spend month. I'm not sure I could do it, so I'll live vicariously through you on it. :) Perhaps it'll inspire me for later in the year!

Have a great day.

Sandy said...

A no spend month sounds like something
I need to do, in fact a two month no
spend would really be in order. Christmas
and now the new baby has put me behind...
Thrifting, I went out yesterday and there
was not a one yard sale or anything. We have
had rain all last week.
Keep up the good work!

Leslie said...

What!!! a no spend month ~ I don't think that I can do it. Maybe if I bought a whole bunch of crap on the month before so that I would have something to do. Oh.. and maybe if it was February since that is the shortest month! : )
I went thrifting last week and stuck out! You however have found some great items.

Anonymous said...

I would so love to do a no spend month...but I think I'd have to do it alone...
But if a no spend month is only buying bare necessity food and paying your utilities, I did it a LOT as a single mom!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Pat, you have lots of fun things to work on here. It's always fun seeing what other people buy and sell and work on. I'm not having a no spend month, but think I'm getting rid of a bunch of things here that are sucking cash from me on a monthly basis. We'll see if I get that done or not. If so, it would save a bundle over time.

Kristina said...

I would love to find more than one folding yard stick. You can take them apart and use them to decorate a frame.

Revi said...

I like the red one. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your finds, and the no spend month.

Claudia said...

You did well, my friend! Can't wait to see what you do with some of these things. I applaud your no spend month! I don't now if I could do it!


Angel said...

The red cover fits really well! You know I'd pick the red one. ;)
As for the no-spend month, can't do that w/out my hubby and he'd never go for it. Although it's really up to me most of the time anyway.
I'll be praying for you as you go through it.

My Repurposed Life said...

I could never have a no spend month, but I always try to watch the pennies. :)
you have some great stuff there! I like the three bracket thingies. :)