Saturday, July 20, 2013

:: Now there are Nine ::

*edited to add link to Chicken Saddle first installment.

When we last left Ethel ... she was wearing her new Chicken Saddle I made for her.
Apparently it made her butt look too big and she didn't like that. It ended up on the floor of the coop.

"Psst.... Hey, do you think this saddle makes my fluffy butt look big? "

So I got right to work and had her fitted with something much more slimming. 
A better fit. 
She wasn't quite sure what to think. 

"I think I'll go in the coop and ponder this while I lay an egg." 

" Excuse me...can't a girl get some privacy"

Don't mind me Ethel...just checking out that WHITE EGG!!! 
It came from this gal... 
we've gotten 3 so far this week. 

White Chicken = White Egg? ...hmm...guess so. 
I'm still so new at this chicken thing. 
I am always surprised by them! 

Oh! and here is Ethel. She finally came out to show off her new saddle. 

It's still on her and it's been almost 6 hours! 

In other news. 
baby guineas. 
My grasshopper eaters. :)

We bought 10...2 died.

1 showed up in our yard.
My daughters Chi-Weenie  tried to eat it.
Poor thing. It could barely hold it's head up. It was breathing hard. 
"Good thing you came along when you did." 

I brought it inside and gave it an inspection. 

I took these photos today ... it's all better. 

Right side under the wing... some feather's pulled out.

Initially, The skin may have been broken in a small spot. 
A little bloody.

Below is the left side under wing for comparison. 
See ...feathers! 

                               What in the world does one do with a STRAY KEET?!
                                               A stray TERRIFIED Keet?! 
                                        A stray terrified DAMAGED KEET?
This is what this amateur poultry wrangler did. 
-I wrapped it in a towel.
-Cleaned the wound with water. 
-Layered triple antibiotic ointment on the broken skin (with pain reliever in it) 
and put it in a pot on the bathroom floor; then went out behind the barn to look for anymore!! 

Because it wasn't ours... our 8 were present and accounted for! 
After about 24 hours of being quarantined, in the mini-cooper, 
it was eating, drinking and pooping alright. 
Oh...and honking! This little guy can make some noise...seems to be a bit older than ours too. 

So... I put it in the tractor with the other 8 ... 

Now there are NINE! 

See?  if you stick with me long enough. 
I eventually come back round to it; 
and make my point. 


Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~Psalm 37: 4



Steve Finnell said...

You are invited to follow my Christian blog

NanaDiana said...

I stuck with you to get back to the nine! lol Now...if you could only have taught it to use the toilet while it was could probably be on the Jay Leno show- xo Diana

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Do you think someone dumped it? We had someone dump two roosters or they somehow wanted way off and ended up down at our county road. They wouldn't let us near them though.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

I am amazed that you ever have time to get anything done? It's like the soaps out there with all the drama among the Keets and the chickens, and with the grasshopper plague and all. I love reading the continuing saga.

Cheapchick said...

The Keet heard that your house is the place to be and adopted you. Sounds like you are a pretty darn good poultry Momma!

Suzan Sweatman said...

WHAT is a KEET ??? lmho - Stupid city girl here -
and I'm afraid to ask what the chicken needs a saddle for - but inquiring minds need to know!

Peggie said...

We have been thinking of getting some Guineas too so this post caught my eye. It is funny how in the country animals show up. One night hubby and I went out after I had put up the goats and sheep. We came home in the dark and the goats were out. We only have 3 and they never move after dark, just stay by the shed. I asked my husband to keep the car lights on the gate so I could see to close them up (half expecting to find some weird animal in their pen that made them so frightened that they knocked the gate down) Instead I found another goat! We left with 3 goats and came home to 4! No one has claimed her so I guess she is a dump off and is now ours.

We will not get into the dump off cats....

Diane said...

In the early 1900s my grandfather had a farm with over 200 chickens! He took all his inside info with him unfortunately. I don't know anything about them. My sis once boarded her horse at a place with guinea hens. I remember them being awfully loud.

Patty Sumner said...

I love reading the posts about chickens.... I still am dreaming of having my own. They seem sto have such great personalities. They are such fun to read about Have a geat day and Sunday Blessings!

Robyn@SimplyMe1970 said...

The chickens are awesome but what is the saddle for? an for this northern bred city girl what on earth is a keet? LOL

Gail Wilson said...

wow! it's always something new to learn from you! Glad ethel is leaving her saddle alone. Hoping for the best.
I've never heard of a keet.

thanks for sharing with us!


The Boston Lady said...

Haha! Pat, you are something else. I thought you were going to say, "if you stick with me long enough, you will eventually see just about everything there is to see in this world.". I must go back and find out why Ethel is wearing a saddle. Ann