Monday, April 21, 2014

:: Recent Thrift Shopping Finds ::

When it comes to thrift shopping, I don’t know what excites me more… Finding something you like collecting or finding something you’ve been SEARCHING FOR!  (or JUST THRIFT SHOPPING)
Thrifting march and april 20.14
The items in this photo are from 2 different trips out shopping over the time I was away from blogging.
I love vintage PYREX!  I have many pieces from my mother’s home, some that were handed down from an Aunt years ago and some that I’ve picked up here and there.
So you can imagine how quickly I scooped up the canisters.  I had seen some a while back with a cute little MUSHROOM MOTIF…but that thrift store had them outrageously priced!  I passed on them. Mushrooms and all!
Then a few weeks later at a different place—I found this set while out with my daughter. Much better price.  They have a faux wood grain pattern, but I don’t mind. The ‘BROWN’ color compliments my  Chambers Range so well. :)
The other item…
The one I’ve been SEARCHING FOR…
The canning jar basket.
yes! I’ve wanted one for a while.  If you saw my post on industrial lighting on a budget…
Well, you have a pretty good idea of what I want that for then.  I’m using it to make a swag light for the porch.  I can’t wait it is going to be so cute!
So that’s it.  My ‘collection’ thing?—PYREX.  My “searching for’ thing? –canning jar basket.
The other items?  BONUS THRIFT! 
You know—it just sort of calls out to you across the way.  Sitting by it’s lonesome all dusty and CURIOUS… IN A DIMLY LIT CORNER.
Ice Crusher.  1957-ish model.  Still works. Hummms.
Purrs… like a kitten. Chomps Ice like … I don’t know what!!!!! 
Let’s me choose if I want COURSE ice  or FINE  ice!   Do you know, I’ve been through 2 blenders with ice crushing features on them in the last 18 months…almost 2 years?  Yes!  I have. One of them was for making ICE DRINKS…smoothies!   I found this OLD Pink… MAGIC HOSTESS electric ice Crusher… and when it worked. 
So of course I bought the ice pick …just because, if you have an ice crusher with a little bitty door. It stands to reason, you’re going to need an ice pick, right?
What do you love the most about thrift shopping?  Do you do it regularly?  Is it something you schedule or plan? 
Do you keep a running list? Is there something you hardly ever pass up? 
Oh, the spigot?  We are homesteaders!  You never know when you might need an extra spigot… on the end of a spiked pipe.  That’s just thinking ahead, right there!  See a spigot on spike, buy it!

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Til next time, Be Blessed!

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Rhonda said...

I enjoy thrifting very much, no schedule, I just go when I can. I do have a list in my head of things I am looking for. I've got some great furniture recently and nice play clothes for my grands.

I like your finds, those spigots are very handy.

And Your sewing projects a few posts back are wonderful, I really like the cardigan and t shirt redos.

Angel said...

I of course am on the look out for ANYTHING I can use for puppets, Bible story props, homemaking, homeschooling, or just plain fun. My mind is always spinning. ;)
I went to the "Historic Hwy 80 Sale" this weekend and nabbed a few bargains myself.
I have a new grandson on the way, so of course I found a couple of really cute baby boy things that just couldn't resist.
So I guess my favorite is getting something I can use on the CHEAP! Ha!

NanaDiana said...

Hi Pat, I don't thrift like I used to...I just don't seem to find the time to do it and it was always so much fun.
-just a quick question for you-did you change your font? I had a hard time reading your post tonight- maybe I am just too tired to see straight- xo Diana

camp and cottage living said...

It sounds like you had a great time thrifting, Pat!
I have to really love something now to buy it, as
I really ought to be getting rid of more instead of
buying more stuff!

Cecilia said...

I just love it when I find something that's on my "need" list. I don't have too many collections I'm adding to- I know we'll be downsizing in a few years so actually trying to weed out the extra stuff.
Love your finds and I can't wait to see your new porch light!

Claudia said...

Love, love, love vintage pyrex - but I always hold off on buying some because I have no place to put it! Can't wait to see what you do with the canning jar basket!


holli said...

I love that ice crusher! Very cool find. I found a ginormous mirror last week for 20$ at a thrift store and my husband even loved it. That's a neat basket and I'm excited to see your light you make from it.

Art and Sand said...

I have a thing for old metal so the spigot was what caught my eye. I would use it somehow in the garden for fun.

Have fun crushing ice.

My Repurposed Life said...

I don't keep a running list, but I have a "can't pass it up" list. Mostly doors, chairs, windows. lol

for me personally? nothing really. I try not to bring things into my tiny house. heheheh

great finds Patricia! woohoo for the ice crusher. We use to have one years ago.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love it....I do not have a list....but I have learned to grab what I like and not will be gone. I have finally taught my hubby "my look" so we separate and he will bring me finds too!!

The Boston Lady said...

I am coveting your canning basket! Can't wait to see the light you create! I may copy you one day! I always have a list of things in my head that I am looking for. There's nothing more fun than eventually finding something on that list - that's part of the thrifting game - delayed gratification! Of course I often go in, see something I had no idea I 'needed' and walk out a happy, thrifty camper. Ann

Audrey said...

So happy you found the canning jar basket ... looking forward to how you use it.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Revi said...

All things come to she who waits and goes to thrift stores regularly! :) Thanks so much for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!