Thursday, May 1, 2014

Matters of Blogging, Phonts and Phat Phingers--

I’m not a big techie type when it comes to the background portion of blogging. I don’t know lots of lingo.  I don’t have many answers for most of the problems or issues that might arise with a blog and social media.  Like many of you—I have to just “wing it” OR  GOOGLE IT!  It’s pretty much out of my realm of expertise when it comes to even writing an article about such things. However, I DO TRY!
I use Live Writer (referred to here and now,for this post as LW)  to write my post and I like that it gives me different options for FONT, Watermarked Pictures and Writing off-line—just getting on the internet for me can be a major distraction. My mind just goes so many different directions.  Once I see those flashing ads, or perhaps I read the title of your latest post in my sidebar…that’s it; I take off on a rabbit trail and totally forget my train of thought.  So using LW, for me; is the best thing I can do regarding the time I spend writing a post.

handwriting letter

Recently, I changed the FONT on my blog posts— lw, like I said, gives a wide range of options. I like this one because it resembles my own handwriting. ;)
-some have said it is difficult to read.  Not too many, but some. I don’t know that ANY  have come out and said that they liked it. (Maybe if it were BOLD TOO? Then possibly it would be easier.  I am not sure.) But, If I used BOLD ALL THE TIME…how would you know when I’m using my ‘passionate voice’, huh?  I’m afraid I wouldn’t get my point across on some occasions. MY POINT IS…  I want all to be able to read it.  So except for occasionally, you know to make a point…I probably won’t be using FANCY TEXT ANY longer.

new phone 

The other thing has to do with using my iPhone. You might remember, I’m relatively NEW to the SMART PHONE phenom.(good-one here) I’ve only had about 7 mos (at this time) you can read about that Here.     
I was on my phone this morning and I was reading a few blogs that I have subscribed to—those are the first ones I read in the morning; usually from my iPhone, while it’s quiet waiting to holding Little ‘V’…(grand baby)  before he wakes up to take his bottle.   Anyway- couple things about that. Subscriptions are low.  Apparently, there is an issue with Yahoo.  I am not getting some of the daily blogs that I subscribe too, including my own.  So- I’m trying to figure out exactly which ones those are and will try and follow them some other way.
As for you—if you’ve not been getting my posts in your mailbox—you can follow me on Bloglovin’ or you can click on the coffee pot in the upper right with the ‘heart and + sign’ (Thanks to Claudia for pointing out these issues to me…because I’m just that clueless!)
I also check my email with my iPhone—I don’t like the yahoo email the way it is now…it lumps ‘LIKE’ emails together and once I respond to them (these emails are the comments from my blog I’m referring to) then it lumps my replies into that stream as well. Several of you have Gmail accounts.  I’m thinking of switching trying it and seeing if it is easier.  I’ve not done the research yet… ANY THOUGHTS?

abandoned mailbox

Back to emails and response.  I’m not a great texter—it is much much easier to fire off an email from the desk top with these EYES AND ARTHRITIC FINGERS OF MINE!  Not to mention—TYPOS!!!  When I try to type out a comment on your blog PHROM MY iPhone…my Phat Phingers just can’t hit the keys or they hit the wrong keys-PHRUSTRATING!!!  At times it’s like I am speaking another language!  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you think I’m leaving you SPAM! There are times, your comment gets past me and I may not respond to you for weeks or EVER… it’s because it has become lost in the SEA of emails that have washed up in my email account or I have so much to say on the matter and my phat phingers just won’t do!
That’s pretty much “it” on the techno Phront…
Any thoughts on this?  Ideas?  Suggestions?  There is a suggestion box at the bottom marked “comments” …

Til next time, Be Blessed!


But SEEK first His Kingdom and His Righteousness; and all these things will be added to you.  ~Matthew 6:33


A Daughter of the King said...

Oh! I loved the "Phancy" type. :D

A few things I like about Gmail. 1) You can set up inboxes to sort your mail in Primary (where Corn goes) Social, and Promotions. Then, you can delete the whole inbox with a single click, or select specific ones, deleting several with a single click. 2) You can file emails for future reference in folders that you create. 3) You can choose whether you want to see the back and forth of a conversation (too complicated for me) or just the emails and replies. 4) If you close the window, or lose power while writing an email, it goes into your drafts folder...(This feature has been a huge blessing.)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I do like the plain text better or the bold fancy since it is easier to read or you could see if you could make the font larger and fancy. I'm not real techy so can't help with anything but I do like your doll house furniture on the previous post.

Brenda Pruitt said...

It's a problem with my blog too. People aren't getting their subscriptions, and I'm on Gmail. It isn't just Yahoo. It doesn't matter what platform of email you use. It is a Feedburner issue, and frankly I don't know if they are going to fix it. I've researched and can find nothing.

Alex M said...

I have thin fingers and the only way I can t type on my phone is if I turn it sideways so the buttons get wider! Even then it's tough...

Sunny Simple Life said...

I agree the phones are a blessing and a curse. Mostly a curse. I do not think we are better off for them honestly. But I do have one.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Love that mailbox shot!

Plain text is easier to read, I find, yes :)

Claudia said...

The email/blog post prolem is not a feedburner issue. It's to do with changes Yahoo and AOL made (GMARC is the term they use) that change the way mass emails are sent. They are trying to cut down on Spam and Spoof emails. So when Feedburner sends bunch of email blog posts, they now look on it as Spam and reject the emails. They are bounced back. Gmail hasn't joined the bandwagon yet, so that's why those who subscribe to blogs via Gmail are getting their posts. It's a real drag and I'm not at all sure what to do about it.

Melanie said...

Loved this post. You are far ahead of me, I have no smartphone! Thought about it, but decided not to get one. It seems that everyone who has one has to keep it on charge all of the time. I need to be able to stick it in my pocket while I work outside, and what would my goat do with a smartphone anyway? The time will probably come when I will be required to change becuase the dinosaur will no longer work. Unitl then, I am happy using my phone for a phone and sending the occaisonal text. You my friend are far more technologically advanced than I!