Thursday, May 15, 2014

:: To Each His Own- "House"

Again—a tick mark or a striking through is taking place for me ON the goals list for the year!
The SHED::
I was able to save up the money (WITHOUT T.H. knowing and boy! was he surprised) for a down payment of a new shed for him—really it is for both of us on our anniversary—but it will mostly house his tools and things—I call it HIS SHED! I did get to pick the color…Valspar “Autumn Fog”  …the same thing I’m painting the house (another on-going project on the list)
Here is a reminder of a few of them and mostly what I’m talking about--
HOME:  (outside)
  • Finish outside painting, exterior, porches, etc. (in progress)
  • Plant and Harvest Gardens in a timely manner and eat what we grow!  (would love to put more back and learn to pressure can) (in progress)
  • Eliminate outside accumulation of toys and unnecessary yard furniture—create an INTENTIONAL place to relax in the yard. (nothing yet!)
  • Build or Acquire a new tool shed--- this is very much a necessity! (YAY!) 

Our oldest Son is still working on his own Tiny house…
though with the trusses on the top, it doesn’t looks so ‘tiny’ right now. It will be less than 400 sq.ft.  (that’s with the loft up top) So- still quite small. I haven’t done an official post on it yet.  I hope to, the further along he gets.  It is taking some time—he works nights, has his kids every other weekend and is paying cash for it by the truck load—so DEBT FREE BUILDING (that does slow things a bit)!   I do show pictures more often on Instagram if you care to follow the build.
As for me…
I have my own little house I’m working on.  I’ve figured out a way to use the FORK/PICKS (from my shopping trip)for balusters on the stair rails!
stair railing -stiles-
They aren’t glued in yet. Like most things around here a ‘work in progress’!   As you can see it’s a mess in there! I’ve taken all the windows out to ‘re-set’ them; getting ready to paint the outside. Bree has told me she’d like for it to be green!  (her favorite color) I have been researching Tudor Style homes and found this for inspiration
green tudor inspiration for doll house
Isn’t that cute?  I like the color, stone work, the arches… just cute! I’m hoping this is something a 5 year old can do…paint the outside.
That’s it on the HOME FRONT…he he he!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

But SEEK first His Kingdom and His Righteousness; and all these things will be added to you.  ~Matthew 6:33


White Lace and Promises said...

I want a green cottage like this to play/live in:) I love your hubby's shed. I would like one of those too! Wow! Good for you!

Liz said...

Love, love the shed!! I am saving for one like that too!!

NanaDiana said...

Love the shed, Pat. We have an small old garage that is full of hubby's I love the green cottage! Perfect! xo Diana

holli said...

I really want a shed! I really NEED a shed! Very jealous and happy for you. Love the color!

Shug said...

Oh sure to keep us posted on his house......I think these are so interesting....
I so need a HUGE shed....I think I may have way too much stuff.

ANNE said...

How fun! Love that shed and the little house too!

Happy building!

A Daughter of the King said...

You are like a fresh breeze on a summer's day, and a constant source of laughter and inspiration to me.

Claudia said...

Clever, clever you! The fork picks are inspired! I look forward to reading about your son's house - I am fascinated by this movement. Have a great weekend, dear Pat.

Revi said...

Your shed is pretty! I like the color. :)

Donna Wilkes said...

I am very interested in the concept of tiny houses and have read several articles on them. I am not sure I could live that small, but your son is to be commended on both living resourcefully and economically.