Monday, June 23, 2014

:: Free Health Books to Download today!

You know some weeks you're lucky if you see 2 posts from me-- 
I know you're totally surprised when you see 2 in a day! 
I found some links for FREE books on Amazon-- 
You can download these to your KINDLE. 
Don't worry if you don't have a Kindle...there is a link to download the app either for your phone or for pc or other device.  Just click FREE READING APPS -- you'll be able to read them from your device! 
I read this one today and it has some recipes that sound very tastey! Also-- the Salads in a Jar are quite popular right now, so I was glad to have the method and tips. Short and easy. 
I'm sure there is something in this book that applies to me... I'm going to check it out and see! 
I was recently told by a pretty good source that COCONUT OIL is so good for me. (thanks DotK!) I'm looking forward to reading this one. 
Don't know much about Quinoa-- except that it's full of protein. 
Keep hearing lots about this fruit and it's weight loss properties. 

All of these books are FREE today and I'm not sure for how long. 
This is not a book review. If it turns out to be something you don't may sign into your account at Amazon and delete.  Like most suggestions I give here-- take what you want and toss out the chaff!  ** You've been warned. 


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thanks! I downloaded the salad one.

Shug said...

I for one certainly need to download the Sugar Detox book!! These look interesting!!
Good reads for my vacation!!

camp and cottage living said...

Thanks Pat. The Sugar Detox is no longer free, but the coconut one is!

Kristina said...

I just got two books from our library too read. If they are any good, I'll share them with you too.