Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It’s like Watching Paint Dry-

Waiting on me to post, I know. 

Waiting on me to get to the point. So thrilling. 

I painted my kitchen wall a couple of weeks ago; and today while editing and uploading pictures, I found this one. You can plainly see the shade variation in the dry paint and the wet paint.

watching paint dry

I’ve not done any projects to speak of since painting in the kitchen a few weeks back.  I’ve got my eye on a few things. I’ve looked over the photos of dusty furniture in the barn; and I’ve assessed what I need and what I just need to let go of---lets just say, I’m not ready to let go of very much, YET.   I have pinned some pictures on Pinterest, though. ::Copy This?:: I’ve gotten lots of ideas! I’ve seen things that spark my own ideas and I’ve seen things that have potential to be made into something with my own flair or twist on someone else’s idea. 

That got me thinking about when I first began blogging.   I used to join in the parties that encouraged you, not so much to copy, because we all do that to a degree anyway; but these parties would encourage you to show off your copy cat projects.  (here)

(and here) For example my Sensible Chic Stove/Vent-hood mantle.

Yellow Paint in the Kitchen pre-2014

It was a copy from a magazine cover and one of the first projects that T.H. and I worked on together shortly after he retired.   Look at all that YELLOW! I’m so glad I discovered the truth behind color… it’s a creamy-white canvas , on which, to show case it all!  I’m finally learning how to blend it all together.  I thought I needed color on the walls in order to like color. I also thought everything had to be white if I were to fit into the ALL WHITE MOLD that is so peaceful and calm;  that only proved to stress me out because I knew I could never fit into that mold.  No, this color girl needs a white canvas—it is much more soothing to my color wheel eyes!

white canvas

So, besides Pinterest-ing and NOT taking any new pictures recently, what have I been doing?  

I’ve done some De-cluttering Spring Cleaning, You know I hate the word; but I’ve given up trying to banish it from the English language. I think Spring Cleaning sounds cheerful!  Who says it has to be Spring to Spring Clean anyway? 

I gathered some things to sell on ebay. I gathered some things to donate.  I emptied two lower cabinets in the kitchen; and actually have on empty space behind one door!  I couldn’t believe it. I put it into the trunk of my car—so it’s not staying! I vacuumed, swept and mopped the kitchen. 

Oh! and last week, or well the last week in July,- I began an experiment with a new concept—less is more approach—Ok, that’s not new, but it is new in this area for me! 

I cleaned out my fridge and reconfigured the shelves to hold LESS!  Yes, less.  Why?  Because, I was tired of all the left overs—being LEFT OVER!  This way there is no room for left-overs to accumulate.  You eat them or share them with the chickens, compost them or freeze them. This has worked so well and it has created a less crowded refrigerator; even better…we’ve been eating the left overs the next day and keeping the accumulation down to practically nothing. :)

How is your Summer winding down?  Is your Summer winding down?  How are you getting along with inside jobs vs. things outside around your home, in your garage, garden or barn?  Are you finding it easy to balance it all or more a challenge? 

Til next time, Be Blessed!

and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist,


Claudia said...

I'm the same way. I love color, but I have to have a neutral, white canvas. I have much painting ahead of me, and I keep delaying it, but I'm going to do it when I get back from Hartford in October.


Faith said...

I wish we were neighbors! Cleaning spring or not I've done a little bit of it this year..Goodwill the better for it. I find that as I get older I don't like clutter and things I do not need. It happened almost overnight, now I think twice before I bring something in. Painting needs done big time around here.Hopefully soon my dh will find full time work instead of seasonal, so we can catch up with ourselves.

A Daughter of the King said...

Less IS more! More time, more room, more peace. Love ya!

My Repurposed Life said...

my summer is winding down on a busy note! Beautiful weather this week has kept me hopping. I have 9-10 orders going out in the next 2 days, so even though I won't be working on projects, I'm going to be very busy.
love the idea of making the fridge hold less. All that stuff can be so stressful!