Sunday, October 5, 2014

:: Do Something Spontaneous

The life of a spontaneous moment is fleeting. The longer it is allowed to hang there, unanswered;  the faster it dies off.  - Patricia R. (me!)

I can be spontaneous. 

To me it’s normal. When I do something spontaneous—it’s all me.  It’s usually JUST me.
My spontaneous moments are usually alone time (unless my grand daughter is here).

You know why? 
Because—it’s my idea.

If I invite someone to come along,  to join in or to have a part in it—they might kill it. They might squash my spontaneity.  They might wipe out my idea.  Some days I just need to be get up and do something, anything; right now and in the moment.

I’m telling you this—because, I DON’T ADAPT TO CHANGE WELL AT ALL. When your moment of spontaneity crops up—don’t expect me to join in with you.  It’s not going to happen.  So for me spontaneous is NOT UNUSUAL— unless it’s yours.

If I think about the idea too long—it’s gone. 

For a while now I’ve had this little rag garland curtain topper on my door. First I had the lower part up top—because its the actual valance to a set of curtains- I cut it in half to fit this door. But then one day I made the rag garland topper and lowered the valance. Yes! and hung it crooked. Taking crooked photos helps disguise that fact. :) 

  rag curtain topper before

This evening—I was sitting here in my computer room.  I had been reading—then all of the sudden it hit me. Make a matching topper for the curtains on the window!

Rag Garland- curtain topper

I did. It was instant. Like a spark. Nothing profound. Nothing new (except to me).  Nothing over the top. It just matches the window on the door now.  Very much  IN MY COMFORT ZONE KIND OF SPONTANEITY.

matching rag curtain topper

By the way-- I’m almost done with these grey walls. I'm ready for WHITE in here. The black trim?  That is from the days when my boys had this room. The curtains are a very soft, slightly mint green, the sheer is green; and its what I used to make the garland topper, too- along with a lone white pillow slip and some jute string. Easy peasy- spontaneity.

So you see the problem with my spontaneous moments?—they are not very far reaching.                   If you think this post is about the rag curtain garland… it’s not. Plain and simple.

I love staying home and working on things here.   Hardly ever do I venture out and go and do—even meeting new people face to face is hard for me. Sitting here typing and telling you all this takes so much. Sometimes, hitting the publish button takes a lot out of me. But I do it—because well, we may never meet face to face. I’m ok with that. But it’s true- you can ask anyone whose met me—I hold back a little. I know it’s hard to believe, because I’m so wordy and sharing so much with you now, this 31 Day challenge.   :)

Do you have a problem with this?  Do have confidence in some areas and lack in others?  Does your family think you’re a stick in the mud or life of the party and fun to be around?  Are you in control of the spontaneous moments in your home;  are you a willing participant when other choose? 

October 5 post card

Til next time, Be Blessed!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7
I'm participating in Nester's annual -31 Days of writing 


Diane said...

I never thought about it, but, yes, I'm spontaneous. Especially with a paint brush in my hand! I change things on a whim very often. Keeps life interesting. BTW, love the new "rag topper."

Regena Fickes said...

I usually think things thru, far to much. I would love to be spontaneous. There is just so much that really needs to be done first. I am not sought out too much for the fun thins, just when work needs to be done. However, we all have our place in the body of Christ and there must be some to do the nonfun things.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I do tend to do sometimes be spontaneous...and sometimes get into trouble lol! A couple of different times I've walked into a room, grabbed a piece of wallpaper and tore it going back...and lots of work ahead. Luckily all my wallpaper is gone now!

Alex M said...

It took a personality profile test I was given at work to identify my type. I am an introvert who compensates for it by being intentionally extroverted. I always wondered why I felt so strange about putting myself out there and now I understand why.

I think you understand who you are and are true to it. Good for you!

My Repurposed Life said...

Great post Patricia! :)
I'm not really spontaneous, but I can totally relate to your "instant" diy. Jamie and I both suffer from "I wanted it done yesterday". When we get something in our heads we MUST do it right now! I never really thought of it as being spontaneous.... lol

Love your notes to selfie!

Keep us posted on what you may or may not end up doing with that loved one!


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

LOL, I could speak in a giant auditorium, sing as long as everyone knows I can't carry a tune or hold a training session for complete strangers but don't put me in a more intimate setting with people that know each other well and I'm the outsider. I am very uncomfortable there.

Kris said...

I am also a homebody, and HATE change. I like to be here, to feather my nest, and just putter around.
Love the new curtains! Looks great!
xo Kris

A Daughter of the King said...

I'm methodical, always creating and sustaining order to my space. Spontaneity occurs when I need to be resourceful, but it is usually to solve a problem. Mostly, I relate to your stay at home comments. I'm a homebody too, and I don't like crowds of unfamiliar people. But I do like people one on one. That is why the internet is my social life.

Connie said...

Great Post Card!
I love that you are allowing your spontaneous action to be lead my a loved one:)

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I, too, love being home. That is why retirement has been such a blessing for me! Some people above have talked about being introverted. Sometime, when you are on Pinterest, just type in the word Introvert to see what comes up. The first time I did it took my breath away. It was all my feelings I have had since I was little, but never knew other people had them, also. Love being w/ my family and close friends ~ I did a high powered job when I was working ~ and people laugh when I tell them I am an introvert. It has given me such peace to know more about who I am. Change is hard for me, too, and I think that is why when I do find I am spontaneous I try to act on it right away without over-thinking. Great post!!

Patricia @ CorninmyCoffee-pot said...

Chris K in Wisconsin-- thanks for the tip on searching Introvert. I've tried telling people that I am an introvert-- but seriously, they don't get it. Change is hard.
have a good week--