Monday, October 13, 2014

:: An Infamous Legend- Bonnie Parker

More of My Walk Through Town--

Calaboose plaque
It Reads…
Built in the early 1900s the calaboose was used to jail offenders of the law.
It is legend that Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde fame) and one other member of the Barrow Gang were held here in 1932.
Marker donated by supporters of the Kemp Development Fund

Kemp Calaboose 1  Kemp Calaboose Collage

The collage above shows both corners of the cell.  You can barely see them; but there are IRON RINGS IN THE CORNERS OF THE FLOOR, to shackle the prisoner with chains; perhaps to keep them separate I suppose.

shackle ring

I sure hope the chain was long enough that they were able reach the HOLE IN THE WALL, if nature were to call. You can also see from the inside, the windows high up, on the wall.

It’s a very small building—but truly one of the more interesting in our little town.

outside Kemp Calaboose

Calaboose window and bars

You’ve seen this photo already.      A window from the outside.

Kemp Calaboose

The iron door.
 Kemp Calaboose back side of town

An obscure little building on the back side of town. Here it is seen in the distance under the trees. It would have been near the RAIL-ROAD TRACKS…
probably explains the shackles.

October 13 post card

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Shug said...

Interesting!! I need to look for this the next time in the area. Bonnie and Clyde certainly did have a flair......for the gangster life!
How about this weather? I am loving it!!

holli said...

You live in Kemp? I had a college friend from Kemp and I stayed with her for a summer semester. We went to TVCC in Athens which wasn't too far away. You're near a lake which is always good.

Faith said...

very cool, I love this kind of stuff. thank you sharing the pictures & history

NanaDiana said...

What a great piece of history. I was always fascinated with Bonnie & Clyde and have seen two or three versions of movies about them. Great post, Pat! xo Diana

Leslie said...

Very cool!!!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

So cool...