Saturday, October 11, 2014

:: Smack in the Face Reality-

Yesterday, Honey had his check up at the V.A.—last week we went for labs, this week followup with the doctor.  It was perfect timing, this week so no Littles tagging along.
We stopped to look at property on the way home.  There I said it.  It’s not something I want to talk about—especially after the post the other day about this being my Home Town now; but it’s true.  We are discussing a move.  I’ve talked about it here on Corn before.  But I wasn’t serious about it then.
There are so many things to consider when moving:
INCOME:  We are retired. He’s says he’d go back to work.  However, he is unable to work and has health issues that would hinder him working in the type of field he is qualified for; and lets face it—he’s not ‘door greeter’ material.  No, I’m not retirement age- but I do have some health issues that keep me from working outside the home.  Truth is—baby sitting our grandchildren helps supplement quite a bit. We lost a big chunk of pay when Weston started school and his momma quit her job due to risky pregnancy.  I’m not sure how long that will last as she is planning to return to school after the baby.  So many things to consider.
OUTGOING:  we have a mortgage – not well planned when the Honey retired.    Removing the mortgage is the first and most important step in making a move.  Being able to get top dollar for our home is the biggest key to that.  We would have to get enough to pay off the house with enough to pay cash for something small. 
That brings me to my own reality.  There are a few.
  • First, if we’re serious about putting it on the market… I have to look at my home as a PRODUCT.   No longer my home, but a house. 
  • Secondly—in order to do that.  I have to make changes here.  Less my tastes and decorating style; no more “what I’m willing to live with being less than perfect or inoperable”.   I have to make sure the paint is fresh, the floors are pretty, the cabinet doors all close and are not to cluttered.
That brings me to my SMACK IN THE FACE REALITY…  and a brief story
I found a place online.  Friday we had time to drive by and see it.  It wasn’t easy, as the house address wasn’t disclosed in the listing.  I used my Super Sleuthing Skills  and found the address.  It was on the way back from the doctor’s office. 
We pulled up and it’s a wooded lot on 3.5 acres.  They’re asking under OUR Top dollar that we’re willing to pay.   Now you’ve seen our place, we have a few trees LARGE OAKS, but mainly open pasture.  I like that. Honey, on the other hand doesn’t like the mowing involved.  So a wooded lot is right up his alley.
The thing is—It was POSTED: NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!   all over the place.  I backed out, and got the number off the sign and Honey called.  She gave the go ahead to drive up and have a look around.  What I saw gave me mixed feelings.  A lot of them bad.
You see the house was small – just like what we’re wanting. We didn’t obviously see the inside since we didn’t call ahead. But I’ve seen pictures online and it is clean on the inside.  Looks very suitable.  The back yard—fenced, for Buster.  Perfect. The woods—just creeped me out.  
there were the SHEDS.  Yes, 5 sheds listed with this property.  I was totally thinking CRAFTING SPACE!  in a sing song Jo Anne Worley  voice!  But there were a total of 6.  All different in degree of usefulness or repairs needed.  The first one, closest to the house…needed a new floor but could be made serviceable—quite easily.  The second—was obviously a sewing craft room—it had vinyl flooring, sheet rocked walls, windows—and there was an office chair, a thread spool holder, and a yarn basket left behind.  The third shed a TOOL shed—sort of grimy—needed cleaning out.  But for the most part useable.
The last 3 sheds—Oh MY GOSH!   FULL!  full of STUFF!  Craft stuff, Sewing Stuff, APPLIANCES… EXERCISE EQUIPMENT, … old furniture… a boot jack… CHRISTMAS DECOR,… FALL DECOR,  boxes and crates of magazines… SOOOOO --- MMMMMUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH --- SSSSSTTTTUUUUUFFFFFF!!!!!!
That’s when it hit me. We can’t buy that house. It was too scary.
I have my own stuff to deal with.  I AM THAT WOMAN.  The woman who moved away and left all her stuff.  Probably at her husbands INSISTANCE!   She lived in a tiny house… and kept it so lovely…because she had THREE SHEDS TO PACK IT ALL AWAY INSIDE THERE; NEVER TO SEE IT AGAIN.

 October 11 post card

‘Til next time, Be Blessed!

Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.~ Ephesians 5:15-17
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Alex M said...

You learn a lot about yourself by looking at the houses of others. I still peruse the on-line MLS to see messy homes in order to remind me to keep my clean!

Rhonda said...

All that stuff is funny but it is actually rather normal. Think about all the pay to store units everywhere. I live in a neighborhood where most every house has 2-3 car garages. We park our 2 vehicles in ours but many of my neighbors park in their driveway because their garages are PACKED with junk. When we lived in the country, our neighbors built 2 huge storage buildings, like 20 by 40 each. They are side by side and they call,them his and her barns. Her junk is in one and his junk is in the other.

Ps- you can come sweep my porch anytime you want.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I so hear you, Pat. I, too, have had lots of STUFF. I have slowly purging over the last couple of years because, ultimately, we are going to do what you are going to do. MyHero has one more year before he retires and then our lives will change. I took early retirement and have never looked back BUT I do miss having my own money.

I don't know WHY we save so much stuff. I used to think it was because "one of our kids will want it someday" but then realized that is just an excuse. NONE of them want ANY of it. lol
Yep- time to purge and purge and purge! Good luck- I'll be praying for ya. xo Diana

Diane said...

Moving is a big deal, isn't it? Wish I could for many reasons, but it's not gonna happen any time soon for another handful of reasons. Best of luck to you on this! Loved the mention of Joanne Worley... ha, ha...

Faith said...

An exciting journey, looking for a new place. With it comes will all the excess baggage or the "stuff".
As I get older, I don't like the clutter, and have given alot way to Goodwill this past year. I am more selective with what I purchase now, and with my DH still not employed full time permanent helps the situation immensley. I think alot about moving but oh the work of it all, and I still have kids here at home and all their ( stuff )/ I like the sheds though, a very own craft building...saweeeeet...thank you for stopping over, good advice and stuff to ponder. You are so awesome.

RHome410 said...

So many times, we fixed up a house in order to sell it, so the new owners got all the 'good' of our hard work. Also, so many times I intended to sell (houses, cars, sewing machines) in order to 'do better' financially, but with all the fees, changes in prices, taxes, etc., and my own reality of what I really wanted vs what I thought I wanted, I always seem to end up further behind. I'm trying to learn contentment and not always be looking to do better. I hope you're better at these things than I am!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Did those people leave their stuff or just store it out three to make the house look nice while it was on the market? That is a lot of stuff!

Debby said...

We are trying to do the same thing. My husband needs to retire. He can't until our mortgage is paid off. Even then the taxes to our 4/6 bedroom home will cost us too much each month. So our house is on the market right now, actually has been for over 100 days. We live in Ohio, not sure where you live. We listed in July. Houses were selling in May and June. A few have been selling sense. Ours is underpriced and still not selling. We have a condo waiting for us. It is so hard having your house listed esp.. if you have pets. You are right, it becomes someone elses' house when it is on the market. Make sure that when you list that it is the best time in your area. Even if things aren't totally ready go ahead and list it. Good luck. If you need any tips, I have heard them all.

Kristina said...

Ha, when we moved last I moved a ton of used books I had. I got rid of most of them after we moved, and I shook my head the entire time I packed the boxes. I could not believe I had so much, let alone moved it all. That is why I try to subscribe to very few magazines. I'll have them stacked up everywhere if I don't .

My Repurposed Life said...

Oh my! It's sort of like "the more money you have, the more you spend" The more space you have, the more you fill it up.

wowsers! it really sounds like a junker's dream. lol